Nishu Deshwal Accident, a social media sensation, met with a tragic accident while attempting a stunt with a tractor. Nishu Deshwal was a famous Indian YouTuber who gained popularity among the people because of his tractor stunts he performed. He was also known as the Tochan King, and this title was given by his fans because of his exceptional talent in the sport of tractor tochan.

Nishu Deshwal Accident

As reported by Correspondent Deepak Saxena, Sanoth (Panipat): A young man’s life was cut short while attempting a daring stunt with a tractor for a social media video. The incident occurred on a Monday afternoon. Nishu Deshwal(Nishu Deshwal Accident), aged 23 and hailing from Kurad village, was trying to execute a tractor stunt along the Yamuna River’s bank near Tamshabad village. Several individuals were filming the event for social media.

Due to an overly ambitious maneuver, the tractor’s front end lifted too high, causing it to overturn. Nishu Deshwal(Nishu Deshwal Accident) became trapped beneath the tractor, equipped with a music system, resulting in his tragic demise. The entire incident was captured on video and swiftly circulated on social media platforms. Known as “Tractor Touch” online, Nishu had a significant following, with over 2 million combined followers on YouTube and Instagram. He was married and had a six-month-old son.

What Happened to Nishu Deshwal?

Nishu Deshwal died in an accident while performing stunts with his tractor, his tractor lost control and flipped over. He lost his balance and control over the tractor and was de-seated from it and was crushed below the vehicle(Nishu Deshwal Accident).

He was taken immediately to the hospital but was found dead and doctors said that he had numerous serious injuries in head, stomach and abdomen which made it impossible to save him.

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Nishu Deshwal died in an accident on 26th February; 2024(Nishu Deshwal Accident) when things went wrong while he was performing a stunt with the tractor. However, the situation took a tragic turn when his tractor unexpectedly flipped over, trapping him beneath it. This accident was recorded by some of his friends and fans who were present at the scene.

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Nishu Deshwal: Family

Nishu deshwal was very close to his family members as he used to post photos(Nishu Deshwal Accident) and videos with his family on his instagram and other social media sites. He loved his parents a lot and always tried to spend maximum time with his family.

He had two brothers and a son, who was born in 2023. He has also left a vent to his wife, Gagandeep’s life.

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Engaging in tractor stunts for three years

His followers on social media mourned his untimely passing. Nishu Deshwal had been performing tractor stunts for three years, regularly sharing videos of his exploits on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. These endeavors also contributed to his considerable earnings. On the day of the incident, Nishu had brought his tractor to the Yamuna riverbank near Tamshabad village to film another stunt video. Tragedy struck as he attempted to lift the front part of the tractor.

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Significant following on YouTube and Instagram

While his companions filmed the video, bystanders rushed to assist in straightening the tractor. Unfortunately, Nishu had already succumbed(Nishu Deshwal Accident) to his injuries by then. Nishu Deshwal had established a page called “HRPB Tractor” on both YouTube and Instagram, amassing around 1.3 million followers on YouTube and nearly 725,000 followers on Instagram.

Nishu Deshwal Wife


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As per the reports, Nishu Deshwal(Nishu Deshwal Accident) was married to Gagandeep Deshwal for a few years. They even had a son who was born in 2023. He was a great son, husband as well as fathe

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Who was Nishu Deshwal?

Nishu Deshwal was born in 2000 in a village in Haryana, into a family of farmers. From a young age, he had a deep interest in tractors, learning to drive one by the age of 10. By 15, he was actively participating in tochan (tractor tug-of-war) competitions(Accident), quickly making a name for himself locally due to his talent and passion for the sport.

In 2018, he decided to share his passion with a wider audience by starting a YouTube channel called Tochan King. On this channel, he posted videos showcasing his tochan stunts and challenges, which resonated with a large audience, earning him a significant following.

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