HomeautomobileBajaj Auto launches World's First CNG Bike 'Freedom 125' At Pune Facility'

Bajaj Auto launches World’s First CNG Bike ‘Freedom 125′ At Pune Facility’

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That’s exciting news! Bajaj Auto has a reputation for innovation in the two-wheeler market, and launching the world’s first CNG bike, the ‘Freedom 125’, marks a significant milestone. Here are some key highlights about this launch:

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Key Features and Details of ‘Freedom 125’:

World's First CNG Bike 'Bajaj Freedom 125' Launched

  1. Eco-Friendly Technology:

    • The ‘Freedom 125’ is designed to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), a cleaner alternative to petrol. CNG emits fewer pollutants, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
    • It targets users who are conscious of their carbon footprint and are looking for sustainable mobility solutions.
  2. Fuel Efficiency:

    • CNG is generally more cost-effective than petrol, offering users substantial savings on fuel costs over time.
    • The bike is expected to provide high mileage, which is a significant advantage for daily commuters.
  3. Performance:

    • Despite being a CNG bike, it is engineered to deliver robust performance. The ‘Freedom 125’ likely maintains a good balance between power and efficiency, making it suitable for urban as well as semi-urban commuting.
  4. Innovative Engineering:

    • Bajaj Auto has integrated advanced technology to ensure the bike operates efficiently on CNG without compromising on performance.
    • Features such as a dual-fuel system may be included, allowing the bike to switch between CNG and petrol, providing flexibility and peace of mind in areas where CNG stations are sparse.
  5. Market Impact:

    • This launch could set a trend in the two-wheeler industry, pushing other manufacturers to explore alternative fuels.
    • It aligns with global and national efforts to reduce vehicular emissions and promote greener transportation options.
  6. Availability and Pricing:

    • Initially launched at Bajaj’s Pune facility, the ‘Freedom 125’ is expected to be available in select cities with adequate CNG infrastructure.
    • Pricing will likely be competitive, aiming to attract budget-conscious consumers looking for long-term fuel savings.

Strategic Significance:

World's First CNG Bike 'Bajaj Freedom 125' Launched

  • Pioneering Move: Being the first to market with a CNG bike, Bajaj Auto is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable transportation.
  • Regulatory Support: This move might also align with government incentives for green vehicles, potentially benefiting both the company and consumers.
  • Market Expansion: By tapping into the demand for eco-friendly vehicles, Bajaj could capture a new market segment and drive future growth.

Unique features

World's First CNG Bike 'Bajaj Freedom 125' Launched

The design of the Bajaj Freedom CNG motorcycle integrates comfort, safety, and convenience. Despite the challenge of fitting a CNG system within the compact structure of a motorcycle, Bajaj Auto has managed to securely house the CNG tank and kit within a trellis frame. The bike has undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety. Featuring a horizontally inclined engine and a Link-Mono shock system, the motorcycle optimizes space and provides a stable ride.

World’s first CNG Bike: Bajaj Freedom 125 price

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The Bajaj Freedom CNG motorcycle offers significant fuel cost savings, potentially reducing expenses by around 50% compared to petrol motorcycles. The new Bajaj Freedom is available in three variants: the Freedom 125 NG04 Disc LED priced at ₹1,10,000, the Freedom 125 NG04 Drum LED at ₹1,05,000, and the Freedom 125 NG04 Drum at ₹95,000, all ex-showroom Delhi prices.


The launch of the ‘Freedom 125’ CNG bike by Bajaj Auto is a noteworthy development in the automotive industry, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. It represents a significant step towards reducing vehicular pollution and providing cost-effective, eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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