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Billie Lee Has Negative Things To Say About Ariana Madix

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Billie Lee has expressed her dissatisfaction with Ariana Madix after Ariana claimed that Billie was residing at their shared house. This revelation sheds light on the extent of Billie Lee’s involvement in Ariana’s life, which may have gone unnoticed by many. When Tom Sandoval, Ariana’s partner, was unfaithful, Billie Lee stood by him as one of his few remaining friends, demonstrating her loyalty. However, Ariana made it clear to everyone that associating with Tom would lead to swift disconnection from her. Could this be the root cause of Ariana’s animosity towards Billie Lee?

Ariana Madix Flourishes Post-Breakup

Ariana Madix has been thriving since parting ways with Tom Sandoval. Amidst public scrutiny following the scandal, Ariana found herself embraced by supporters. Her journey took her to the dance floor of “Dancing With The Stars,” where she captivated audiences and progressed admirably, although victory eluded her grasp.

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Billie Lee Has Negative Things To Say About Ariana Madix

Undeterred, she secured a role in the prestigious Broadway production of “Chicago,” dazzling audiences and contributing to the highest-selling nonholiday week in Broadway history. Ariana’s personal life also saw a transformation, with Daniel Wai standing steadfastly by her side, although their swift connection post-breakup has raised eyebrows.

Billie Lee Responds to Ariana’s Claims

Ariana’s assertion that Billie Lee was living at their residence shocked fans. However, Billie Lee has since addressed the issue, revealing a different side to the story.

“Since we technically still share the house, I’m there frequently. I used to tend to Ariana’s plants and handle her mail. However, given her statements to the press, falsely implying I reside there, I’ve ceased these gestures, and she can handle her affairs herself.”

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Not only was Billie Lee tending to plants, but she was also caring for their dogs.


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“No one was looking after the dogs when they were away,” she explained. “Amidst their travels and breakup, I stepped in to ensure the dogs were cared for.”

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Fans were taken aback by Ariana’s apparent disregard for Billie Lee’s genuine assistance.


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It appears that Billie Lee genuinely supported both Tom and Ariana during their tumultuous times. Ariana’s treatment of Billie Lee, solely based on her association with Tom, has sparked debate among fans. Despite cutting ties with Tom Schwartz for supporting Tom Sandoval, Ariana seems unaffected and continues to thrive on Broadway. How do you perceive Ariana’s treatment of Billie Lee? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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