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Bachelor Daisy Kent Rejection Joey Graziadei Rose Decision

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Bachelor Daisy Kent Rejection Joey: Fans of The Bachelor worry that Joey Graziadei or Daisy Kent will suffer relationship setbacks. Fans are apprehensive about Daisy and Joey’s future after witnessing Daisy confess that she wasn’t yet in love. But Joey still feels a strong connection with Daisy, respects her candour, and gives her a rose. Daisy was honest about her feelings, but Maria let her fears control her and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay. Joey felt uncomfortable about it, but he still gave Maria a rose.

Joey Graziadei Is Afraid to Be Rejected(Bachelor Daisy Kent Rejection Joey)

Bachelor Daisy Kent Rejection Joey

In recent episodes, Joey Graziadei has shown more emotion while speaking in front of the camera. He has talked about how his experience on Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette has left him afraid of being rejected. Before Charity turned him down, he got down on one knee, and this crushed his heart. He is now afraid that his feelings won’t be returned. He is still making an effort to savour every moment of this trip, though.

Views From Fans About The Couple

Following the episode last night, fans of the show went to X. After Daisy told Joey that she wasn’t yet in love with him, they wanted to share their thoughts on Daisy and Joey’s relationship. Daisy did, however, acknowledge that she could see herself reaching that point; she was not there yet and did not wish to inform him that her purpose was simply to receive a rose.

Daisy Joy shared heartfelt thoughts:

During a conversation in the hot tub, Daisy shares her hopes for unconditional love, even in challenging times. Joy agrees and has expressed her belief in being with a partner even during difficult moments.

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Everything was right but Daisy did not express her love:

Bachelor Daisy Kent Rejection Joey

Despite the positive moments, the couple faces a difficult conversation about their future during the evening portion of their date. Daisy confesses that she is not ready to confess her love and can sense Joey’s fear and nervousness.

Who does Bachelor Joey end up with spoilers?

Who wins Joey’s Bachelor season? The final rose ceremony comes down to Kelsey and Daisy, Reality Steve says. Joey proposes to Kelsey and the two get engaged in Tulum, Mexico.

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Who is the winner of The Bachelor Joey?

On November 29, Reality Steve revealed via Instagram that Daisy Kent was the winner of season 28. The blogger told fans that Joey and Daisy got engaged in the finale after saying goodbye to runner-up Kelsey Anderson.

Is Joey still engaged to Daisy?

The spoiler spy did some digging, and revealed that her original spoiler about Daisy winning was “incorrect,” and that “Joey is engaged to Kelsey A. and has been since filming ended.” “The spoiler was absolutely wrong,” he confirmed. “He never chose Daisy and he’s been with Kelsey the whole time.

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