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Who Is Ashley Avignone? All About Taylor Swift’s Best Friend and Super Bowl Companion

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Who Is Ashley Avignone: Taylor Swift, along with her best friend Ashley Avignone, gathered some of her closest friends to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs play in the 2024 Super Bowl.

At the big game, the singer of “Cruel Summer” was accompanied by her family, Blake Lively, and Ice Spice. Avignone, a stylist and designer who has been friends with Swift for a long time, was standing next to them, encouraging them.

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Who Is Ashley Avignone

Ashley Avignone All About Taylor Swift's Best Friend

When they were still teenagers, the two are said to have become close through their mutual friend Emma Stone, and they have remained friends ever since. Avignone has been to events with Swift for years, including early games in the 2023 NFL season, aside from the Super Bowl.

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How Ashley Avignone and Taylor Swift Found Friendship

Emma Stone played the ultimate matchmaker, bringing Ashley and Taylor together in a friendship extravaganza! Ashley, who was already childhood buddies with the Oscar-winning sensation, strengthened her bond while styling Emma for glamorous red carpet galas. Meanwhile, Taylor and Emma clicked in 2008, and voila, Ashley and Taylor’s friendship story began.

Ashley works in fashion

Ashley kicked off her journey in the glamorous world of fashion as an assistant celebrity stylist, making waves that eventually led her to the spotlight. In a fabulous turn of events, she graced the screen on the third season of The Rachel Zoe Project in 2010, showcasing her flair for style.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Ashley took the fashion world by storm as she founded her own agency, The Wall Group, just two years later. Reflecting on this daring career leap in a candid October 2013 interview with Simply, Ashley admitted, “When I decided to break out on my own, I was nervous.” However, fortune favored the bold as she quickly secured representation. With a twinkle in her eye, she shared her wisdom, “You have to believe in yourself, but it also helps when others believe in you too.” Now, that’s the kind of confidence that turns dreams into reality!

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Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, and Ashley Avignone at the ‘Easy A’ premiere in 2010

Fast forward to 2019, Ashley poured her heart into an Instagram tribute for Taylor’s 30th birthday(Ashley Avignone). In a heartfelt post, she gushed, “30 glorious years of life for you, and a whopping 11 years of the most epic friendship for us. You’re the MVP – the bestest friend, the ultimate listener, the dance party maestro, the captivating storyteller, the haircut enthusiast, all wrapped up in the biggest, warmest, and most generous heart. Happy Birthday Tay!! Love you to bits ❤️.” Now that’s a friendship tale with all the right notes!

Ashley is from Arizona

Ashley grew up in Arizona, which is how she met Emma. She moved to Los Angeles to go to college at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). After graduating, she relocated to New York City to pursue her fashion career.

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