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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Josslyn’s Search for Dex Uncover Unexpected Secrets?

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General Hospital Spoilers: In the latest episode of General Hospital airing on February 28th, the residents of Port Charles find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of surprises and concerns. Brook Lynn Quartermaine embarks on the quest for her dream bridal gown, enlisting the help of Lois Cerullo, Tracy Quartermaine, and Maxie Jones. However, tensions rise as a potential conflict over a family heirloom looms on the horizon.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

General Hospital Spoilers

Meanwhile, Harrison Chase grapples with anxiety over Hamilton Finn’s reconsideration of a decision, seeking solace and clarification directly from Finn himself. Scott Baldwin’s unexpected encounter with John “Jagger” Cates ignites speculation regarding their shared animosity towards Sonny Corinthos, hinting at ulterior motives and potential alliances.

General Hospital Spoilers

Amidst the intrigue, Carly Spencer remains wary of John following a recent encounter, updating Sonny on the unfolding events and expressing concerns about an impending threat. Dante Falconeri and Michael Corinthos delve into the complexities of their strained relationship with Sonny, with Michael cautioning Dante about the uphill battle of earning their father’s trust.

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Elsewhere, Josslyn Jacks embarks on a search for Dex(General Hospital Spoilers), with the preview hinting at unforeseen outcomes that could shape her future dramatically. As the day unfolds with twists and turns, viewers are poised for gripping drama and unexpected revelations in the captivating storyline of General Hospital. Stay tuned for the latest developments as Port Charles’ residents navigate through a day filled with suspense and intrigue.

Who is Dex really on GH?

General Hospital Spoilers

Dex Heller, portrayed by actor Evan Hofer, recently made a surprising return to General Hospital, leaving fans shocked and puzzled. His sudden reappearance comes shortly after he departs from the show, which had led many viewers to believe he was gone for good or at least for an extended period.

Is Joss and Dex dating in real life?

Before their on-screen romance as Joss and Dex on General Hospital, actors Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer had a close friendship off-screen. Reports suggest they were quite friendly with each other long before their characters became romantically involved on the show. Additionally, during this time, Eden McCoy was reportedly involved with someone else, as she frequently posted about her relationship on social media.

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What happens to Dex at General Hospital?

When federal authorities raided one of Sonny’s Pikeman shipments(General Hospital Spoilers), Dex miraculously escaped arrest. However, he couldn’t shake off the guilt, fearing that his evidence might have contributed to Sonny’s troubles. Fortunately, the situation took a turn when the authorities realized they had been fed false information, leading them to drop the charges against Sonny.

Did Dex leave GH for good?

General Hospital Spoilers

In the end, Dex decided to leave, and Sonny broke the news to his furious stepdaughter, Joss. “Where is he, what did you do to him,” she demanded to know after finally finding Sonny but not seeing Dex with him. “Dex is alive, but he’s not coming back to Port Charles,” Sonny told her.

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