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Third-Party Instagram Apps: In the past, Instagram automation for follower growth was a very popular task that users sought to implement on their platforms. However, over time, Instagram came to the conclusion that this degrades the user experience and changed their platform to prevent third-party Instagram apps that use automation from producing effective results.

Since many third-party Instagram apps no longer provide automation for follower growth, you should utilize them with caution if they still do. We’ve compiled a list of recommended third-party Instagram applications so you don’t have to worry about violating the terms of service and can use tools that can genuinely help you develop a more adaptable and successful Instagram strategy that improves your brand.

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Best Third-Party Instagram Apps 2023

You may find the best third-party Instagram apps that are authorized for usage with the platform below. These apps cover a wide range of topics, including post-scheduling, hashtags, engagements, follower growth, and more.

  1. Kicksta – Winner!
  2. Planoly
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Circleboom
  5. Canva
  6. Growthsilo
  7. Flick
  8. Iconosquare
  9. MoreLikes
  10. Sprout Social

1. Kicksta — Manual Instagram Growth Tool 

While third-party Instagram apps cannot be used to automate Instagram, Kicksta has successfully removed automation from their business model to support manual Instagram growth. As a result, you can rely on Kicksta to help you increase your Instagram following and reach more users through secure, manager-initiated conversations. Kicksta is a fully compliant third-party Instagram solution.

Kicksta — Manual Instagram Growth Tool 

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When you join up with Kicksta, you receive a specialised account manager who will interact with individuals who are part of your precise target demographic. This helps to increase interest in your account and put you in touch with readers who are interested in your material.

2. Circleboom — Instagram Visual Scheduling Tool

Maintaining a consistent aesthetic on Instagram can be difficult, especially if you lack organization and are unable to see how everything will come together. Circleboom provides solutions for scheduling content, posting it automatically for individual photo and video content pieces, as well as graphically arranging your content.


Circleboom is a third-party Instagram app that you can trust because Instagram has permitted this form of automation.

3. Canva — Instagram Content Template Tool

Canva is a fantastic third-party Instagram software that offers pre-made templates for Instagram posts, stories, Instagram story highlights album covers, as well as animated social media posts if you need some assistance with your visual design.

3. Canva — Instagram Content Template Tool

There are untold numbers of templates available, and each one can be altered fully. Canva also provides more templates for email, websites, and other things. It’s a terrific approach to maintaining the originality of your posts and maintaining a unified aesthetic across your profile.

4. Growthsilo — Manual Instagram Growth Tool

Similar to Kicksta, Growthsilo operates through fully-managed Instagram engagements, making them certified compliant with Instagram’s terms of service. If you want to reach more consumers in your target market but don’t have the time to do it all yourself, this is fantastic.

Growthsilo — Manual Instagram Growth Tool

Your account manager from Growthsilo will focus on your Instagram growth; you’ll provide them with your targeting guidelines, and they’ll engage with users who meet the requirements to help you attract more real followers who will be interested in your content. Making sure you are obtaining actual followers with a service like Growthsilo is crucial in maintaining a healthy community and also improving business results because engagement is the most significant measure of Instagram success. THIRD-PARTY INSTAGRAM APPS.

5. Flick — Instagram Hashtag & Analytics Tool

Flick is a potent third-party tool that can assist you in developing the best hashtag strategies and even organizing them for simple publishing. Hashtags are vitally essential in increasing the visibility of your content. The search function on Flick may help you discover hot hashtags, the most pertinent hashtags for your niche, and even how your rivals are doing.

Flick — Instagram Hashtag & Analytics Tool

Once you’ve generated your hashtags, you may organize them into a variety of sets that you can copy all at once to share quickly. The days of trying to come up with hashtags that don’t work and then utilizing less-than-ideal storage techniques to remember which ones they were are long gone.

6. Iconosquare — Instagram Analytics Tool

Without knowing how your Instagram is doing, you probably won’t be able to make the required changes to improve it. Additionally, you won’t know what is effective, making the success of your entire plan unlikely. Instagram insight is a useful tool for understanding some broad information about your Instagram performance, but Iconosquare makes it much simpler with its simple-to-read graphs and data reports and even offers practical advice for putting the results into practice. THIRD-PARTY INSTAGRAM APPS.

Iconosquare — Instagram Analytics Tool

You won’t have to be concerned about being reported or experiencing any problems on the platform because Iconosquare is an authorized third-party Instagram application.

7. Planoly — Instagram Collaboration Tool

With the help of the third-party Instagram app Planoly, you may work together with many team members on your Instagram. It will help you to organise your planning and streamline all of your communication.

Planoly — Instagram Collaboration Tool

The user interface is extremely useful and simple to use; you can even give roles to your team members and ensure that all required activities are being completed, rapidly addressing any problems or ambiguities along the way through improved communication.

8. Hootsuite — Instagram Management Tool

Hootsuite has long been a well-liked third-party Instagram app and is a tried-and-true Instagram management package. Hootsuite is particularly appealing if you need cross-platform functionality because it can be used on other social networking sites as well. All of your communications can be found in one location with Hootsuite, making it simpler to interact with your followers and people who are contacting you.

Hootsuite — Instagram Management Tool

The dashboard is incredibly user-friendly and enables you to monitor all of the social media channels you are managing, including Instagram, in one location. What a word of efficiency!

9. MoreLikes — Instagram Engagement Tool

The success of an Instagram account is now mostly determined by engagement, as we previously indicated. This makes perfect sense: the more users interact with your content, the more popular it is and the wider its organic reach will be. An authorized third-party Instagram app called MoreLikes enables you to get genuine likes on all of your fresh content.

MoreLikes — Instagram Engagement Tool

When you publish new material, MoreLikes automatically notices it and directs genuine, legitimate likes from their network of actual followers to your article so that it performs better and you get more social authority. You may choose how many likes you wish to receive for each post, and you can even choose how quickly they are sent.

10. Sprout Social — Instagram Management Tool

Another reputable third-party Instagram app that enables you to carry out duties in a range of categories, such as listening, interaction, posting and scheduling, and statistics, is Sprout Social. They satisfy a range of requirements, such as those for social management, customer service, data and intelligence, and employee advocacy.


There are three options available for selecting your service based on the sort of business you have: agency, small business, or enterprise. Sprout Social is an excellent alternative for you if you’re looking for an Instagram management platform that can assist you with various duties because of how thorough its service is and because it has Instagram’s approval.

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Final Thoughts

Businesses, brands, influencers, and artists are all searching for methods to improve the efficiency of their Instagram workflow so that they may experience growth in both their own businesses and Instagram itself. While there are numerous unofficial third-party Instagram apps, all ten on this list are secure and capable of supporting your Instagram strategy in an essential way. THIRD-PARTY INSTAGRAM APPS.

Use your resources and make use of the tools that genuinely comply with the Instagram conditions of use, like the ones on our list, without being discouraged by the fact that some have been labeled as ineffectual or unwanted.

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