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Roadies Season 19 auditions started, you can participate in these places in Indore, Delhi and Chandigarh

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Roadies Season 19 Auditions: The fans of the reality show Roadies 19 are eagerly waiting. It is now reported that Gautam Gulati will be seen as a gang leader along with Prince Narula. Let us know when the auditions of this season will start.

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MTV Roadies Season 19 Auditions , MTV Roadies Audition 2023 

Roadies are back with its Roadies Season 19 Auditions with Roadies: Karma Ya Kand. This time also Sonu Sood will remain as the host of the show. While popular actor and reality television star Gautam Gulati has a new entry, he will be seen as the team leader this season. Prince Narula will also support him. Roadies: Karma Ya Kand will welcome the talented actor for the new season, which promises to be an unprecedented, thrilling ride.

Gautam Gulati will be seen as the team leader

Gautam Gulati will be seen as the team leader
Credit: Google

Gautam Gulati has won the title of Big Boss Season 8(Roadies Season 19 auditions). Actors often remain in the limelight because of their smartness. He has a strong fan following on social media. The actor is known for his strong acting. He enjoys immense love from the massive fanbase for his roles in several genres of shows and movies.

The makers of Roadies Season 19 auditions: Karma Ya Kand shared a clip of Gautam Gulati and captioned the clip as “We love, we love Gauti! Gautam City is already built, let’s make Gautam’s gang this time.” ”.

Gautam Gulati’s reaction to joining Roadies

Gang leader Gautam Gulati said, “It feels great to be a part of MTV Roadies(Roadies Season 19 auditions) – ‘Karma Ya Kand’. I have a strong association with the brand, and I’m so excited about this new adventure! Playing the role of a gang leader in this iconic show is a big responsibility and I am ready for it. I am definitely looking forward to some epic action this season with Sonu Sood and my fellow gang leaders!

How to audition for Roadies?

  1. i) Name.
  2. ii) Age.
  3. iii) Address.
  4. iv) Nationality.
  5. v) email address.
  6. vi) existing social media account details.
  7. vii) Contact number/ mobile.
  8. viii) online social media accounts(a video which the Participant has chosen to log in)

Roadies 2023 Audition Date


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Who can go for Roadie’s audition?

All the necessary permissions are required for foreign nationals like visas, registration documents, permits to work(Roadies Season 19 auditions)_, etc. Your age should be 18 Plus. You should have a valid and active email address and content number.

What is the purpose of the Roadies Show?

In this show, a group of contestants travel to different destinations and participate in various tasks that challenge their physical, social, and mental strength(Roadies Season 19 auditions).

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