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influencer Sapna Gill said – Cricketer Shaw touched wrongly: said on the allegations of recovery – what is 50 thousand, I will earn by making 2 reels

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Social media influencer Sapna Gill, arrested in the case of assault and extortion from cricketer Prithvi Shaw, got bail on Monday. Soon after getting bail, Sapna has filed a case against Prithvi and his friend in Mumbai Police. Charged with assault with a weapon, and criminal conspiracy. Sapna said that Prithvi Shaw touched her inappropriately during the incident when she went to save her friend.

On February 15, there was a dispute between influencer Sapna Gill and Prithvi Shaw outside Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai. After this, on the complaint of Prithvi Shaw’s friend Ashish Yadav, Sapna and her 3 friends were arrested on 17 February.

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Ashish had also accused Sapna of threatening him for recovery of Rs 50,000. Sapna and her companions were granted bail by the Mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on 20 February. According to the reports, after getting the bail, Sapna said – what is 50 thousand, I will earn this much by making 2 reels in a day.

After bail, influencer Sapna Gill made 3 allegations against Shaw

1. Shaw and his friend were killing my colleague

After bail, Sapna said, “Shaw and his friend were thrashing my friend Shobhit Thakur. Thakur is a child. He was unaware of the attack by the drunken mob. He was unable to save himself. So I intervened.” came forward and stopped Shaw from attacking Thakur.”

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2. Prithvi Shaw started pleading in front of me

influencer Sapna Gill said, “Prithvi Shaw touched me inappropriately during the incident. When we said that we will file a case, Prithvi Shaw started pleading. They said that do not complain. After that, we did not file the case.” Had it done.”

3. Allegation of recovery of 50 thousand wrong

Sapna said, “They have accused me of extorting Rs 50,000. What is 50,000 these days? I will make two reels and earn that much in a day. There are levels of charges.”

Prithvi Shaw’s friend alleges- hit a car with a baseball bat, chased for assault

The picture is taken from the viral video in which influencer Sapna Gill and Shaw were seen having a scuffle. The incident took place on February 15 outside Hotel Sahara in Mumbai.

The picture is taken from the viral video in which Sapna and Shaw were seen having a scuffle. The incident took place on February 15 outside Hotel Sahara in Mumbai.

Prithvi Shaw’s friend Ashish Yadav had said that on February 15, he and Prithvi Shaw were having dinner at Sahara Star’s cafe. Gill and his friends came to take selfies. At first, Shaw agreed, and then later he refused. After this, the controversy started.

Ashish has said in the complaint that after dinner a person hit the windshield of his car with a baseball bat. After this, some people were also seen chasing the car on a motorcycle. They stopped the car and influencer Sapna Gill threatened to implicate her in a false case. He also demanded 50 thousand rupees from Prithvi Shaw.

A video of this incident also went viral. In this, Shaw is seen snatching a baseball bat from a girl. The companion of that girl was seen making a video of Shaw. The girl, her partner, Prithvi Shaw, and some policemen are seen in the video. Shaw was seen talking to someone on the phone.

After the dispute, the Oshiwara police reached the spot and explained it to both parties. After this Shaw’s friend filed a case against influencer Sapna Gill and her associates.

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