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India vs Pakistan: ‘India is a coward, go to hell’, Javed Miandad spews venom against India

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India vs Pakistan: The decision on where to organize the Asia Cup 2023 is yet to come. Although the hosting was with Pakistan, but BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has clearly said that he will not go to Pakistan, in which case the tournament should be shifted to UAE or hosted by another country. At the same time, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is worried after hearing this.

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India Vs Pakistan

Therefore, he also threatened India saying that he too would not come to India for the upcoming World Cup tournament. Meanwhile, former Pakistan batsman Javed Miandad while speaking on the same controversy, once again spewing venom against India gave a controversial statement.

India does not run Cricket(India vs Pakistan)

Miandad said, “I’ve said this before too, go to hell with India if they don’t want to come to Pakistan. It doesn’t bother us. It’s ICC’s job to make sure India comes. If ICC can’t control it So what is the use of having a governing body? It should have uniform rules for every team, no matter how strong they are. India doesn’t run cricket. It may be a powerhouse, but at home, not for us and Nor for the world(India vs Pakistan:).

India is Coward

He further said, “India is a coward. Why is India scared of playing against Pakistan? Because they know that if they lose to our team, then their people will not tolerate them. “He said,” ICC should take strict action. If they are not able to control these things then why is it? Things have to be smoothed out. ICC should take action against this kind of issue.”

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The Final Decision will be in March

India Vs Pakistan

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India and Pakistan are at loggerheads over hosting the Asia Cup in 2023 after BCCI secretary and ACC chief Jai Shah said last year that the tournament would be played elsewhere, not in Pakistan.

Sources said after the ACC meeting on Saturday that the tournament will be moved out of Pakistan and held in the UAE, though the governing body in its official statement said that the Asia Cup was discussed “Constructively”(India vs Pakistan) during the meeting and The final decision will be taken only in March.

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