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10 Best Places to Visit in Bihar, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

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Best Places to Visit in Bihar: Millions of tourists have found Bihar to be the ideal holiday destination because of the powerful Ganga River that runs through the middle of it. The capital city of Patna boasts some of the most captivating architecture and cutting-edge infrastructure, but Bodhgaya, a charming little town on the other side of the city, transports visitors to a time when everything was serene and lovely. Every city in Bihar, from Vaishali to Madhubani and from Nalanda to Gaya, is a treasure unto itself.

Best Places to Visit in Bihar


Rich in culture, vibrant festivals, charming monuments, historic monasteries, and an air of bygone eras make Bihar’s rustic and modern tourist destinations appealing to a wide range of travellers. The Religiously And Architecturally Rich Cities Of Bihar State Are Brimming With Well-Known, Historic Attractions That

What is Bihar famous for?

Birthplace of Two Religions! : Bihar is the origin of the two biggest religions in the world, namely Buddhism and Jainism. World’s Oldest University! : Nalanda library was set on fire by the army of Bakhtiyar Khilji. The library was believed to hold 9 million manuscripts and took 3 full months to burn down into ashes.

What are the five famous places in Bihar?

Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya

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Five memorable places you must visit while in Bihar In addition to the Rameshwar Kund, Pir Shah Nafah Shrine, Kastaharni Ghat, Munger Fort, Dilwarpur, Rishikund, etc., there are many more historical sites to see in the area. Vaishali, an important archaeological site, is another spiritual hotspot in the Indian state of Bihar.

Rajgir Significance in Buddhism in Bihar

Lying in central Bihar, the quaint town of Rajgir is a small upland region, known popularly for its natural surroundings and spiritual significance in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Translated to the “abode of Gods”, the town of Rajgir dates back to around 3000 years. Rajgir is categorized into two segments – one is founded by the Magadha king Ajathashatru and the other one is completely fortified and encompassed by 7 majestic hills.

Gaya City in Bihar

Nestled along River Phalgu, in south-central Bihar, Gaya city is considered to be the commercial and pilgrimage centre of the state. Surrounded by small rugged hills on its three sides, Gaya lies at the convergence of the Chota Nagpur Plateau and the Gangetic Plain. The second-largest city of Bihar, Gaya has its name in the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. It is the place where Lord Ram and Lakshman offered pind-daan to their father Dashrath.



Let’s rewind and go back to one of ancient India’s most famous universities, The Nalanda University. This university is one of the oldest, making it the catchiest tourist site. No other place can give you a glimpse of the Gupta dynasty better than this university. The architecture of this place is very archaic and unique. Legend has it that Lord Buddha delivered many lectures here. No wonder why it is on top of every traveller’s list of places to visit in Bihar!

Darbhanga River Bagmati in Bihar


Lying on the eastern bank of River Bagmati, in northern Bihar, Darbhanga happens to be the 6th largest city of the state. Darbhanga consists of two words, namely Dar and Bhanga, translating to the ‘Gateway of Bengal’. The city is considered to be the headquarters of the Darbhanga district and the capital of the region of Mithila. Referred to as the “Cultural Capital of Bihar”, Darbhanga is home to many renowned personalities of the country, including Bollywood actors, political figures, and poets.

Munger in Bihar

Munger is another site dating back to one of the ancient Indian Dynasty Aryans. You can visit its major tourist attractions like Sita Kund, Manpatthar and Sri Krishna Vatika. Each place in Munger has its own history and beauty, which will dazzle you in their unique way. You can also visit its equally ancient twin city of Jamalpur via train. Munger and Jamalpur can be explored via cabs and auto-rickshaws, making you feel like a local. This is certainly one of the best places to visit in Bihar.

Kishanganj Khagada Nawab in Bihar


Origin of the District:-During the period of Khagada Nawab, Mohammad Fakiruddin, a Hindu saint arrived, he got tired and wanted to rest at this place, but when he heard that the name of this place is Alamganj, the name of the river is Ramzan and Zaminder’s name is Fakiruddin, so he refuses to enter Alamganj. After this, the Nawab declared some part from Kishanganj Gudri to Ramzan Pool Gandhi Ghat as Krishna-Kunj. As time passed the name changed to present day Kishanganj.

Rohtas In Bihar


One of the state’s 38 districts, Rohtas was formed after the division of Shahabad district into Rohtas and Bhojpur back in 1972. Spread across an area of around 3850 square kilometers, the district of Rohtas is considered as a part of the Patna division. With Sasaram serving as the district’s administrative headquarter, Rohtas is known to be the 4th largest district of Bihar. Rohtas is packed with many breathtaking natural areas with scattered woodlands, which make the place appear green and scenic.

Begusarai in Bihar


The administrative headquarters of the Begusarai district, Begusarai lies at an altitude of around 134 feet from sea level, in north Bihar. The Begusarai district is nestled on the northern banks of the Ganges, encompassed by Patna on the west, Khagaria on the north-east, Samastipur on the north-west, and Munger on the south-east.



With around 1515 villages and 4 small towns, the district of Bhagalpur exhibits the perfect essence of historical harmony and natural beauty. Sitting along the plains of Ganga, Bhagalpur has been attracting various devotees from the corners of the world. Having a very fertile land, this place has contributed to the economy of Bihar through the plantations of rice, wheat, maize, barley, and oilseeds.

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Muzaffarpur Burhi Gandak River


Perched on the southern banks of the Burhi Gandak River, in north-central Bihar, Muzaffarpur was established in the 18th century by Muzaffar khan. Known fondly as ‘The Litchi Kingdom’, the city of Muzaffarpur is the commercial and educational hub of the state. The administrative seat of the Muzaffarpur district, the city holds natural, political, and historical significance.



Lying in the Western region of Bihar, Kaimur is one of the 38 districts of the state. With its headquarters located in Bhabua, Kaimur was a part of the Rohtas district before 1991. It was also a part of the Chainpur Estate until 1837, before which it remained as a part of the Ghazipur district until 1764.

Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya

Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya

One of Bihar’s famous places to visit in Bodh Gaya is the Mahabodhi temple. This temple is a Buddhist pilgrimage site and has one of the biggest Buddha statues of all time. You can surely get an Instagram-worthy picture with Buddha himself! If you are an ardent devotee or just want to be amongst peace and holiness, this is the place to be. This place is great for sightseeing and is open all week.

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Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya

The Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya is perhaps the most important Buddhist temple in the world. It is built on the exact spot where it is believed that Gautama meditated and attained moksha and became the Buddha. The magnificent temple has been constructed to honour this moment in history, while keeping a Bodhi tree under which the Buddha sat, intact beside the temple.

Glass Floor Bridge, Rajgir

Glass Floor Bridge, Rajgir

One of the most exciting architectural marvels coming up in Bihar is the Glass-Floor Bridge, a massive skywalk whose specialty is its transparent floor. The bridge is supposed to be around 85 feet in length and 6 feet wide. The bridge is being constructed in the midst of five picturesque hills in the Rajgir area of Bihar.

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