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3D Printed Chocolate: It is healthier than normal chocolate, can be printed in desired shape; will be created through the app

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3D Printed Chocolate: There are continuous experiments on food and drink around the world. Recently, scientists from the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Science in America have done such an experiment with the help of a 3D printer. They have printed low-fat chocolate, which is much healthier than normal chocolate.

Scientists are making ‘Functional Food'(3D Printed Chocolate)

3D Printed Chocolate: It is healthier than normal chocolate
Credit: Google

Nowadays, the trend of changing the recipe of food items to make them healthy has increased. Such food is also called functional food. Professor Qingrong Huang, involved in this research, told that this chocolate is the first item in his line of ‘Functional Foods’. According to Huang, his team is also researching 3D Printed Chocolate of low-sugar and sugar-free chocolate.

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What is Special in Chocolate?

Normal chocolate is made by mixing cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sugar, and an emulsifier. Scientists tried several recipes to 3D print the new chocolate. The recipe that was finalized used an emulsion of the acacia tree instead of pure cocoa butter. Also mixed with golden syrup to improve its taste. This syrup is made from sugarcane juice.

Took into account several Parameters

3D Printed Chocolate: It is healthier than normal chocolate
Credit: Google

Several parameters were taken into consideration while making the 3D Printed Chocolate. Scientists analyzed the physical characteristics of chocolate. Correct viscosity for printing was tested. The texture and smoothness of the chocolate were monitored for the right texture. Researchers say that this chocolate can be made in any shape.

Chocolate made through the App

Credit: google

In the process of 3D Printed Chocolate, a digital model is first made to prepare a physical object. To print this chocolate, scientists have made an app for mobile phones along with printers and sizes. Through this app, you can customize the chocolate according to your own. Huang says he also wants to create other food items using healthy ingredients like oranges, tea, red pepper, onion, turmeric, and ginger.

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