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Which is better Android or iOS? Instagram told its choice, know the whole matter here

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Android or iOS which one is better know what Instagram says Smartphone users use Android and iOS mobile operating systems. However, which one is better in both these operating systems, is based on the need and choice of the user. However, in this matter, the idea of the head of Instagram has come to the fore. He has told me about his choice.

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When it comes to mobile operating systems, some users like Android while some users like iOS. However, there is no final answer as to which is the best mobile operating system. When it comes to mobile operating systems, depending on the need of the user, it can be weighed on the scales of better and less good.

Which Operating System is Android or iOS?

better Android or iOS? Instagram told its choice

If a user needs customization settings and a variety of apps, then on this basis the user will like the Android operating system only.

On the other hand, those users like the iOS operating system for a well-integrated system and security. However, an idea has also come to the head of Instagram in this matter. Among Android and iOS, they consider Android as the better mobile operating system.

Which operating system does Instagram prefer, Android or iOS?

According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, the Android operating system is better than iOS. This idea from Instagram head Adam Mosseri came to the fore in a post on the thread.

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This is clear from the reply of Instagram head Adam Mosseri on a thread post by popular YouTuber MKBHD. He said that the Android operating system is better than iOS because it helps users to stay connected.

Why Instagram doesn’t like Apple?

Actually, talking about Meta and Apple, in many cases these two tech companies do not agree with each other. The views of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook do not match each other. There were also reports that years ago the CEO of Meta made it a mandatory condition for everyone in Meta to use an Android phone. The use of the Apple iPhone was banned for Meta employees.

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