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12th Fail: ‘I can’t praise you more than this’, after Alia Bhatt, ’12th Fail’ won the heart of this actress

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12th Fail: Celebs on Twelfth Fail Film: The film ’12th Fail’ remains everyone’s favorite at the moment. Ever since director Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film ’12th Fail’ has been released on the OTT platform, the achievement of this film has gained more wings.

Many stalwarts of Hindi cinema including Alia Bhatt have praised ‘Twelfth Fail’ a lot. Now the name of another veteran actress is being included in this series, in which ballads were read in praise of Vikrant Massey’s film.

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A day ago, Alia Bhatt had praised ’12th Fail’ on social media. Now Deepika Padukone has a new entry in this list. Deepika shared Alia’s post in the story on her official Instagram handle on Tuesday. Along with this he has written-

It is also natural that ’12th Fail’ has emerged as one of the best films of Hindi cinema, which has won everyone’s heart with its excellent story and very good acting of the actors. Let us tell you that Deepika Padukone has worked with actor Vikrant Massey in the film Chhapaak, released in the year 2020.

Deepika Padukone, who was seen in Shahrukh Khan’s mega blockbuster ‘Jawaan’ last year,’s upcoming film is ‘Fighter’. The trailer of this film, made under the direction of director Siddharth Anand, has been launched recently, which has been liked a lot by the fans.

Deepika Padukone will be seen in ‘Fighter’

Deepika Padkone’s upcoming movie, which was seen in Shahrukh Khan’s mega blockbuster ‘Jawaan’ last year, is ‘Fighter’. The trailer of this movie, made under the direction of director Siddharth Anand, has been released recently, which has been liked a lot by the fans.

Deepika’s ‘Fighter’ will be released in theaters on January 25. The special thing is that with this film, Deepika Padukone will be seen sharing the screen with Hrithik Roshan for the first time.

Where can we see 12th Fail movie?

After Disney+ Hotstar started streaming it on December 29, it became a roaring success. In fact, within three days of its release on the OTT platform, the Vidhu Vinod Chopra directorial became the most-watched film of 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar.

What is the plot of 12th Fail?(12th Fail – Wikipedia)

Manoj learns about UPSC and travels with Pritam to Delhi to study and become an IPS officer. He meets Gauri bhaiya, a fellow aspirant on his last attempt to pass, who provides Manoj with work and a place to study. Gauri bhaiya is unable to clear his final attempt and opens a coaching institute.

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Is 12th Fail a real story?

12th Fail is inspired by the real-life story of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma and his IRS officer wife, Shraddha Joshi. While Vikrant played Manoj, Medha Shankar played Shraddha. It revolves around their journey despite all odds.

Who is the hero of 12th Fail?(Vikrant Massey)

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 12th Fail starring Vikrant Massey is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The film has been sent to Oscars 2024 as an independent nomination. 12th Fail has been receiving acclaim, with Vikrant also getting praise for his performance as Manoj Kumar Sharma, who overcame poverty to become an IPS officer.

Who is IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma?

Manoj Kumar Sharma is an IPS officer whose real-life story inspired the character portrayed by Vikrant Massey in the critically acclaimed film “12th Fail.” His journey from a 12th-grade failure to an IPS officer is both compelling and inspiring.

Is 12th Fail based on a true story?

Co-incidentally, 12th Fail was based on the true story of IPS Office Manoj Kumar Sharma who rose from extreme poverty and passed the UPSC examination against all hurdles and obstacles.

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