United Kingdom: Camilla will wear the Kohinoor crown at the coronation of King Charles

Camilla will wear the Kohinoor crown

Britain’s new king King Charles III will be coronated on May 6 next year. Along with Charles, Queen Consort Camilla will also be crowned. There is speculation that Camilla may be crowned with the Kohinoor, but no decision has been taken yet.

Painful memories of the colonial past

The Kohinoor diamond is from India and was looted from India by the East India Company during the colonial period and was gifted to Queen Victoria. Recently, a newspaper quoted a BJP spokesperson as saying that the use of the Kohinoor would bring back “painful memories of the colonial past”. The Kohinoor-encrusted crown was specially made for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II’s mother in 1937. There is a legend associated with Kohinoor that this diamond is inauspicious for the king, so there is no Kohinoor in the crown of the king of Britain.

The coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey

The coronation of King Charles III will take place at Westminster Abbey. Preparations are being made for this. Buckingham Palace said on Saturday that the jewel-studded crown kept at the Jewel House in London is being redesigned. According to tradition, King Charles III will be crowned with a gold crown (St. Edward’s Crown) set with rubies, sapphires, sapphires, garnets, and topazes during his coronation. King Charles replaced his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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