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Twin sisters married to same boy: Both brides are IT professionals, now case filed against groom

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Twin sisters married the same boy in Solapur, Maharashtra. The marriage took place on Friday in Malshiras. Both sisters are IT engineers. They have been like friends since childhood and want to be together even further. Both decide to marry a boy named Atul. The video of this marriage is going viral on social media. After the video surfaced, people are asking, is this marriage legally valid? At present, the police have registered a case against the groom.

The names of the twin sisters are Pinky-Rinky. Groom’s name is Atul.

Twin sisters married to same boy today

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According to media reports, Atul has a travel agency business in Mumbai. Basically, he is a resident of Malshiras taluka. Pinky and Rinke’s father had died a few days back. After this, both the sisters started living in Malshiras taluka with their mother.

Atul came close to such twin sisters

Twin sisters married to same boy12

After the father’s death, the sisters’ mother also started falling ill. A few days ago his mother’s health suddenly deteriorated. During that time Atul helped in taking his mother to the hospital. Then slowly Atul came closer to Pinky and Rinke. Now all three have got married with the consent of the family.

When the video of their marriage went viral, a person complained to the police. After this, the police became active and registered a case under section 494 against the groom. A unique marriage was witnessed in the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh. Here a groom came riding on a bullock cart to take his bride. His procession came out in a bullock cart. Baraati was seen in the getup of a farmer. During this, the people who saw this unique procession were surprised. Baratis danced fiercely in this unique procession

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