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Pak Artists Ban in India: Bombay high court rejects ban on Pakistani artists in India

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Pak Artists Ban in India: In a historic ruling, the Bombay High Court denied a petition calling for an outright ban on Indian nationals, businesses, and organizations hiring Pakistani performers, singers, actors, musicians, lyricists, and technicians.

Bombay High court Rejects Plea To Ban Pakistani Artist In India:

Pak Artists Ban in India

Till now many foreign actors have accumulated their wealth by working in Bollywood. However, after the Uri attack in 2016, film artists were banned from working in India. But now the Bombay High Court has given him great freedom. In fact, he can showcase his art by working in India. Dez Mangalwal’s plea to ban four artists from working in India was heard by the Bombay High Court and rejected.

Cineworkers had demanded that there be a ban on the work of film artists in India. But while hearing it in the Bombay High Court, economist Sunil B Shukre and jurist Firdosh P Poonawala rejected the petition. Both judges say that the Indian government has taken a positive step to promote international peace and security. He says that if the law signs this application then this government takes positive steps.

Bombay High Court told Sarahheen(Pak Artists Ban in India)

Hearing the petition of Cine Caribbean, the Bombay High Court called it Sarahin, and also gave the definition of the country. It has been said in the Bombay High Court case that there is no need for a country to respect its neighboring country for foreigners. A true patriot is one who is selfless and dedicated to his country.

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Why did India ban Pakistani artists?

Pak Artists Ban in India

The MNS Cinema Wing, created by Raj Thackeray, also cautioned filmmakers against hiring Pakistani artists. Advocate Vibhav Krishna, representing the petitioner, argued that allowing Pakistani artists to work in India could lead to discrimination against Indian artists.

Can Pakistani artists come to India?

Pakistani artists were banned from working in India after the URI attack in 2016. Seeing the tension between the two countries, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena of India imposed the said ban.

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Who is the queen of pop in Pakistan?

Nazia Hassan Pakistani Pop Singer

Nazia Hassan Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Pop’ in South Asia owing to her contributions to the genre, Nazia Hassan passed away on August 13, 2000, in London, following a prolonged battle with cancer.

Who is a Pakistani singer in India?

Top 10 Pakistani singers who are hit among Indian fans Atif Aslam. We might be not doing justice while admiring the voice of Atif Aslam, but all we can say is that he is a living legend’ whom Bollywood will miss every time. He is the only Pakistan singer who was famous across the border before making his Bollywood debut.

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