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Jia Shankar gave 4 lakh rupees to defame Manisha Rani? The actress gave a befitting reply to ‘Abhisha’ fans

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Manisha Rani: A good friendship was seen between Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan in Bigg Boss OTT 2. At the same time, Abhishek’s bonding with Jia Shankar was also good. Now that the show is over, Jia has been accused of paying money in the media to defame Manisha, to which the Pishachini actress has fearlessly responded.

Jia Shankar Lashes Out at Manisha Rani and Abhisha

The reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2 is over now. But if nothing is over, then it is the fans accusing the contestants of the show. Jia Shankar’s good bonding with Abhishek Malhan was seen in the controversial reality show.


Even after coming out of ‘Bigg Boss’ Jiya showed her full support for Abhishek. He has said many times that he likes Abhishek. Fans have given him the hashtag ‘Abhiya’. But ‘Abhisha’ fans accused her of defaming Manisha, to which Jia has now responded.

Jia was accused of defaming Manisha

Along with Jia Shankar, Abhishek Malhan also had good chemistry with Manisha Rani. Those who like their friendship gave them the hashtag ‘Abhisha’. Now that the show is over, ‘Abhisha’ fans have accused Jia of paying paparazzi to defame Manisha. Breaking the silence on this, Jia has given a befitting reply to Manisha’s fans.

Jia gave four lakh rupees?

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Jia Shankar has been accused by Manisha Rani’s fans of paying Rs 4 lakh to the paparazzi to defame her and affect her friendship with Abhishek. Jiya recently gave a befitting reply to Manisha’s fans by sharing the video on Insta Story. She said, “Guys, really, Manisha fans or Abhisha fans, I just want to say what is going on here? Like, you guys have a favorite, and someone else has some other favorite.

‘One crore has been converted into four lakhs’

He further said, “You don’t need to do all this you guys are putting all this stuff that I have given four lakh rupees to Viral Bhayani to defame Manisha.” Brother had given one crore, not four lakhs. What nonsense is this? What nonsense is this? You guys are spreading such wrong news? Find out things properly, don’t you? You have converted one crore into four lakhs? That’s why I was working so hard. Kya yaar, my PR is of no use.

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Fans commented

After this video surfaced, Manisha Rani‘s fans commented fiercely. One user wrote, “Abhisha is more popular. Jia herself also knows and has come to take the footage.

Another user commented, “I would say sorry but I don’t like you.” A fan asked him, “How many zeros in one crore live?”

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