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Israel Hamas war: Attacks on hospitals in Gaza, protests in Tehran, United Nations also expressed concern

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Israel Hamas War: Israel Hamas war continues for the 12th day. The number of Palestinians killed by Israel’s bombing of Gaza reached nearly 3,000 on Tuesday, health officials said. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has left for Israel. Israel has intensified attacks on Hamas and Hezbollah targets.

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Israel Hamas War 2023

Today is the 12th day of the Israel-Hamas War. Israeli soldiers are continuously taking military action in Gaza against Hamas terrorists. At the same time, now Israel has started targeting the terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel Hamas War 2023

According to the Israeli Army, Hezbollah attacked several Israeli targets, after which the Israeli Army is retaliating. Let us tell you that today US President Joe Biden is going to reach Israel.

Hezbollah Attacks Israel: Hezbollah attacks Israeli tank

Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist organization claimed that its fighters attacked the Israeli Merkava tank with an anti-tank missile. Many Israeli soldiers have been injured in this attack. The terrorist organization said the attack, which took place early Wednesday, targeted Israeli forces across the border in the Lebanese village of Aita al-Shaab.

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Israel-Hamas War: Palestine Islamic Jihad attacks hospital: Naor Gilon

Israel Hamas War 2023

Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gillon gave his reaction on the rocket attack on the hospital. He said, “Al Ahli Hospital has been hit by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket. They tried to kill our children, but they killed their own children. We have clear evidence that it was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket.” Was.

What did the Israeli army say about the rocket falling on the hospital?

Israel-Hamas war: After the bomb missile, a new war started, and Indian hackers also entered the new battlefield of Israel-Hamas.

The Israeli military says it had no involvement in the Gaza City hospital explosion. The explosion was caused by a failed Palestinian rocket. 500 people died in this attack.

Israel should decide on ceasefire: Palestine

After the rocket attack on Gaza City Hospital, 22 Arab countries(Israel Hamas war) in the United Nations have demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Palestine’s ambassador to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, said members of the Arab group were outraged by the massacre. All these countries are united in demanding to stop the forced displacement of Palestinians. He further said that Israel should take the decision of ceasefire as soon as possible.

PM Netanyahu is lying: Palestine

Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour says that he (PM Netanyahu) is a liar. Their digital spokesperson tweeted that Israel planned this attack on the hospital because there was a Hamas base nearby. Later he deleted this post. We have a photocopy of that post (tweet). Now they changed the story to try to blame the Palestinians.

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