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Fire breaks out on campus of America’s oldest psychiatric hospital

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A fire broke out on the campus of a psychiatric hospital on Sunday morning in Washington, USA. The fire broke out in a 2-story building located on the campus. This building was constructed in the 19th century and was lying vacant for a long time. Hence no one was injured.

Fire Department official Vito Maggiolo said –

Fire breaks out on campus of America's oldest

The fire broke out in the East Campus of St. Elizabeth Hospital located in Washington. This hospital was opened in 1855. This is the first hospital for mental patients in America. However, the hospital building where the fire broke out was empty.

The cause of the fire is not known

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Fire breaks out on campus

Some videos related to the incident are going viral on social media. In these, fire is visible from several kilometers away. The fire was so terrible that black smoke enveloped the sky as soon as it was seen. An official said that 100 employees of the fire department brought the fire under control after a lot of effort. The cause of the fire could not be ascertained at the moment. It is being verified.

Recruit a serial killer here

Fire breaks out on campus of America's oldest psychiatric hospital us

Many well-known patients have been admitted to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Since 1994, a serial killer named James Swan has been admitted here. Richard Lawrence, the assassin of James President Andrew Jackson, and John Hinckley Jr., the assassin of President Ronald Reagan, were admitted here. According to journalist Kelly Patricia, so far more than one lakh 25 thousand patients have been treated here. This figure is not accurate.

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