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Elon Musk Brain will be installed in human brain old memories can be transferred to new body

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Elon Musk is in discussion for different ways of firing employees and sometimes putting pressure on them after buying Twitter. He often keeps doing something or the other to remain at the center of people’s discussion. Today we will talk about his project, after the video surfaced, the discussion started about whether Elon Musk wanted to gain control over people’s minds through a chip.

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Brain chip

In fact, his project Neuralink released a video in the year 2021, in which a monkey ‘pager’ was seen playing a video game using his brain. It was told that a chip has been inserted into the brain of the monkey.

From animal rights activists and neuroscientists to medical advocates, medical technologists, and experts, this project of Elon Musk is constantly being monitored. Everyone wants to know where this plan of billionaire Elon Musk’s company Brain Machine Interface Development Company has reached. Please tell me that Musk is the co-founder of this company. Musk’s two companies Tesla and Space X keep launching new products frequently.

In contrast, Neuralink is in the early stages of trying to implant brain chips in animals. The aim of the company is to increase its potential by putting it in the mind of humans. The brain can also be connected to the computer.

What will happen in today’s show?

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installed in human brain

Now the question arises what is Elon Musk planning to show the world through the Neuralink show on 30th November? Let us tell you that many members of the initial team of Neuralink have left this company which started in the year 2016. Musk wanted to get regulatory approval to start human trials of the brain chip by the end of 2020.

In such a situation, Musk is running two years behind his plan. However, according to a report in The Guardian, Neuralink wants to appoint a ‘Clinical Trial Director. It is expected that in the show to be held today, November 30, the company can make an announcement regarding regulatory approval for human trials.

Chip inserted in a pig’s brain


Neuralink said that the pager has very beautifully managed the brain-computer interface. Not only video games, but he also is not facing any problems even in normal activities due to this chip. Neuralink told in this video that a similar chip has been inserted in the brain of a pig. It was a great experience to see a monkey playing a video game with a brain chip. This monkey was completing the given task live.

What can humans do with the help of a brain chip?

Monkey elon musk brain chip old

Musk said that efforts are on to connect the human mind and artificial intelligence. With its help, a chip will be implanted in the human brain. After this, the movement of the brain will be recorded. This chip will also be able to affect human brain activities. Its use will prove to be important in the treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s. He had said that like the TV series Black Mirror, Chimp would be able to save memories and play them again. Not only this, humans will also be able to call cars through telepathy. However, it is currently difficult for experts to believe these claims to be true.

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