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Destruction due to snow storm in America, 48 states in grip: people stuck in car, restaurant for several hours

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Snowstorm continues to wreak havoc in America. The lives of more than 20 crore people in 48 out of 50 states of the country have been thrown out of gear. So far 38 people have died in cyclone-related incidents. Its most impact is in New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Destruction due to snow storm in Americass

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The situation in many cities has worsened due to the heavy snowfall that has been going on for four days. People have been trapped in previous homes, cars, and restaurants for several hours. Road, rail, and air traffic have come to a complete standstill. 12 thousand flights have been canceled in America in four days. Apart from America, the effect of this storm is also in Canada. Where the bus slipped and overturned due to heavy snowfall. So far 4 people have lost their lives in this accident.

Power failure of many cities, businesses stalled

The storm has damaged power lines and caused power outages in several cities. The work of thousands of businessmen across America has come to a standstill. In many cities, the temperature has reached minus -42 degrees. Here, four people have died due to the storm in Canada. The effect of the storm is also being seen in Mexico. The situation can be gauged from these videos of the storm.

The runway buried in snow, 12 thousand flights were canceled in 4 days

Destruction due to snow storm in Americade

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Due to bad weather, more than 12 thousand flights have been canceled in America in 4 days. The runways of many airports have been buried in snow. Because of this people could not go to their homes and celebrate Christmas. He had to spend the night sleeping on the floor of the airport. Many people traveling by car got stuck on the way.

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