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Deputy CM Ajit Pawar became the NCP president by replacing Sharad Pawar: said – age is over, now give blessings; Sharad’s answer- Ajit turned out to be a fake coin

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Deputy CM Ajit Pawar: Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar on Wednesday announced the removal of Sharad Pawar from the post of national president of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Ajit also called himself the new national president. Praful Patel had called a meeting of the National Executive of the party in Mumbai on June 30, in which this decision was taken.

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Sharad Pawar was removed as NCP chief on June 30

Here, the leaders of both factions reached the Election Commission. The Ajit Pawar faction has sent a letter to the commission stating its claim on the NCP and its election symbol clock.

At the same time, the leader of the Sharad Pawar faction and the party’s president in Maharashtra, Jayant Patil, also demanded the commission to disqualify 9 MLAs, including Ajit.

Earlier, Ajit Pawar held a meeting in Mumbai at 11 am and Sharad Pawar at 1 pm. When Ajit taunted Sharad’s age, his uncle called him a fake coin.

Who is Rohit Pawar of Sharad Pawar?

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Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya also responded to her brother’s statement and said- Look at the age of Amitabh Bachchan and Warren Buffett, Sharad Pawar is the only coin of NCP.

In the meeting at YB Chavan Center, Sharad Pawar said – Whatever happened to Shiv Sena, the same has happened to NCP. If Ajit Pawar had something in mind, he should have talked to me.

If there is no agreement, a solution should be found through dialogue. Sorry to hear about Ajit. It is our job to correct the mistake. If you have made a mistake, be ready to face the punishment.

Ajit Pawar Sworn in as Maharashtra’s Deputy CM Ajit Pawar

Today’s meeting is historic. The attention of the country is on this. Ajit’s role is not in the interest of the country. I am not in the ruling party. I am in favor of the people. When the Prime Minister had come to Baramati, he said that he learned how to run the country by holding Pawar’s finger.

PM Narendra Modi had said in Bhopal that NCP has done corruption. If they are corrupt then why did you take them along?

I have worked hard to bring those who have left me to the assembly. The workers worked hard for them. Sorry for them. It is not right to go with an ideology that is not of the party.

The MLAs who decided to walk away did not take us into confidence. The Ajit Pawar faction did not follow any procedure.

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