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There was an uproar on seeing the square wheeled cycle, the impossible became possible!

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Bicycle Square Wheels Video: Nowadays, this square-wheeled bicycle video is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. More than one wonder on the internet, they keep getting a lot of headlines by taking out their new tricks.

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If before today you have not seen any cycle with square wheels moving on the road, then you may also get excited after watching this video.

Bicycle Square Wheels Video

If you watch the video of this quad wheel cycle, then your mind will also light up and you will definitely try to do something unique, so let’s see what feats this quad wheel cycle is showing and how. It is working on the road.

How did the idea of this bicycle come?

Bicycle Square Wheels Video: Let us tell you that these feats are done by the same people who do not want to make headlines on the internet, those who want to go viral overnight on the internet or on social media, keep showing such strange feats.

If the idea of riding a square-wheeled bicycle ever comes to your mind, then you will also get confused as to how a square-wheeled bicycle can run and how it can break the rules of science, but some strange feats often happen here. And keep doing this work to get headlines and to go viral on social media.

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How is the Quad-Wheel Cycle Running

Bicycle Square Wheels Video
Credit: Google
Bicycle Square Wheels Video

Now let us explain to you the working of this square wheel cycle, a belt is placed on top of this square wheel and this belt rotates around the wheel in a square shape, after that whenever a person hits the pedal of the cycle, it rotates around the square wheel. The upper rotating belt starts rotating and this makes the cycle move forward.

Bicycle Square Wheels Video

Here you are being shown the video in which you can see the bicycle moving with the square wheel. Whenever this video was seen by the people, they gave their different reactions to it, after reading which you too will be blown away.

So watch this Bicycle Square Wheels Video carefully and also give your feedback on it, so far this video has been viewed by about 20 million people.

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