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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Display: Apple May Release Software Update Soon

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Display: After some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users raised display issues last month, a new report has revealed that the US-based tech giant Apple is investigating the issue of horizontal lines appearing on the display screen of the device. latest iPhone 14 pro models. The brand has confirmed that iPhone 14 Pro Max users may see yellow flashing horizontal lines on their display when the device is turned on.

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In a new memo, the iPhone maker said that an iOS update to address the issue will be released soon, MacRumors reported.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Display Issues

  • iMessage and FaceTime activation issues,
  • CarPlay, data migration, and iCloud bugs,
  • Shaking camera lenses,
  • Random restarts,
  • Lock screen and Dynamic Island glitches and excessive battery drain.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Display

The iPhone 14 Pro model users might ‘report that when they power on or unlock their phone, they briefly see horizontal lines flash across the screen,’ the memo noted. As per the report, iOS 16.3 is currently in testing with developers and members of the public beta program, but that update is not likely to be released for at least several more weeks.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Display

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It is expected that the tech giant would release iOS 16.2.1, following the release of iOS 16.2 last month, to address the issue and other bugs being experienced by users, said the report.

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In related news, the US-based tech giant is planning to reduce its dependence on external suppliers like Samsung and LG for displays. Instead, the company is planning to implement the use of self-designed, in-house panels for its products, such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch.


As per reports, Apple’s first move in this direction would be to use microLED on the Apple Watch Ultra in late 2024, but Apple is all set to expand the usage of microLED displays beyond just the Apple Watch(Apple iPhone 14 Pro Display).

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The company will incorporate these advanced displays into the ‌iPhone‌ and other devices. Although these displays may be manufactured by an external supplier, they will be designed and engineered by Apple to meet its specific requirements in the days to come.

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