America bluntly to China on military exercise: Said- this is our mutual matter, what do you mean by this?

America bluntly to China

America has responded to China’s displeasure expressed over the ongoing exercise with India. Elizabeth Jones, in charge of US affairs in India, has spoken of being with India in this matter. She said, ‘I would like to repeat the point of my Indian colleague in response to China’s objection, in which he said what do you mean by this?’

China border

In fact, China had objected to the Indo-US military exercise taking place near the China border. China called this practice a violation of the border agreement. In response to this India said on Thursday that we do not need any third country’s veto for conducting maneuvers with anyone.

Military exercises between India and America are taking place near the China border in Auli, Uttarakhand. China has objected to this. China says that this will not strengthen the trust and relationship between India and China.

China had told the maneuvers a violation of the agreement

US affairs in India chine

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian had said that the military exercise between the US and India does not meet the mutual trust between China and India. This military drill of both countries near the China border is against the agreement between India and China in 1993 and 1996. This will have a bad effect on India and our relations. In response, India’s Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi told that the exercise with the US has nothing to do with the 1993 and 1996 agreements. He also said that China should pay attention to the violations being done on its own.

Military drills taking place just 100 km away from LAC

US affairs in India

This military exercise between India and America started on 15 November and will continue till 2 December. This is happening in Auli, which is just 100 km away from the LAC. In this exercise, Integrated Battle Groups will be tested in mountains and extremely cold areas. This exercise takes place in India for one year and in America for one year. Last year it happened in Alaska, USA.

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