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2 Private Parts: A baby with two private parts was born in Islamabad, Pakistan, but one vital organ was missing

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2 Private Parts: A baby born in a hospital in Islamabad has shocked the whole world. This child is very different from normal children because it has not one but two private parts. Along with this, it is a matter of concern that a very important organ is missing from his body.

This child born in Pakistan surprised everyone

A unique baby born in Pakistan with two private parts Even the doctor
Credit: google

After the birth of this child (2 private parts) born in Islamabad (Pakistan), the doctors are quite surprised. A woman has given birth to a child who has two private parts. This child is born after being in the womb for 36 weeks. As soon as the parents of this child came to know about 2nd gender, they admitted their child to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. There is no such family history in the child’s family.

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According to the medical examination, the child has been found healthy. No problem was found in any other part of the child. The child has two penises (2 Private Parts) and the first private part is 1 cm larger than the second.

Pakistan baby born with two penises(2 Private Parts)

On examination, it was found that he had only one bladder which was connected to two urethras. That is, he can urinate from two genders. This child may have two private parts, but one such part is also missing from his body, which is very important.

According to the doctors, there is no anus in the body of the child (2 private parts). In such a situation, he was not able to pass his stool. Then the doctors made a hole in his body through surgery, so that he could pass stool.

In Medical Terms, such a Condition is Called Diphallia.

A unique baby born in Pakistan with two private parts Even the doctor
Credit: google

God has created us humans in a very systematic way. There are many parts in the body and each part has its own function.

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If there is a shortage of any one (2 private parts) part in the body, then it becomes difficult. However, sometimes such children are also born, who are slightly different from normal humans.

Some have no hands, some have legs, and some have two heads. At present, such a strange child has become the subject of discussion all over the world, which has two private parts.

In the medical world, such a condition (2 private parts) is known as Diphalia. It has been told in the report that only one such case is ever seen in 60 lakhs and till now 100 such cases have been reported in history.

The first case related to this came to light in the year 1609. Although (2 Private Parts) doctors have not yet been able to find out the reason why two or two private parts develop in a human being.

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