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Twitter suspends Kanye West’s account, shifts to Trump’s social media platform

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Twitter suspended the account of famous American pop singer Kanye West on Friday. West posted a photo from his account on Thursday night. In this photo, Hitler’s swastika was mixed with the star symbol of the Jews. Twitter considered his post inflammatory, after which the account was suspended.


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Along with posting provocative photos, Kanye West also praised Hitler and the Nazis by going to an event. Twitter and Elon Musk took immediate notice of the incident. Musk wrote on Twitter that despite my best efforts, he violated all our rules against inciting violence. That’s why the account is being suspended.

Kanye West was accused by Adidas employees of showing obscene photos of his wife as well. Kanye West’s posts on Trump’s social media platform

Kanye West also posted a top-naked photo of Musk before his Twitter account was suspended. On it was written that always remember this as my last tweet. In response to this Musk wrote okay. In his tweet, he put a photo of West’s swastika and wrote, but it is not right. Kanye West has been posting on Donald Trump’s media platform Truth Social after his account was suspended from Twitter.

Musk had unlocked Kanye West’s account 10 days ago

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Trump's social media platform

However, Kanye West’s Twitter account was unlocked on 21 November after Elon Musk’s decision. At that time, Musk had talked about keeping an open mind about the content coming on Twitter. Right now Musk has not clarified whether this suspension is forever or will remain for some time.

Kanye West has been in controversy for a long time

Kanye West has been in controversy for a long time due to his antics. Just a few days ago, Adidas employees accused him of being rude and forcibly showing them pornography and indecent photos of his wife. Adidas has said to investigate the matter. In fact, Kanye West was associated with Adidas, a famous sports outfit maker, for a long time. Last month, following the allegations against him, the company ended the partnership.

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