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Twitter Fight between Kangana Ranaut and Urfi Javed, Urfi told Kangana her best friend

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Kangana Ranaut is back on Twitter and has been very active ever since she came back. She is targeting Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and making fun of his recent film Pathan. At the same time, Urfi Javed has started arguing with him on Twitter.

Kangana Ranaut said that Muslim artists get more love

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Kangana Ranaut made a statement that many Khan actors and Muslim actresses in the country are loved more than actors and actresses from other religions. Then Kangana tagged Urfi Javed and said that there should be Uniform Civil Code in the country so that everyone is treated equally.

Funny reply from Urfi Javed

Kangana Ranaut and Urfi Javeda

Responding to his tag, Urfi Javed had said, ‘I am famous only because of my clothes.’

Kangana said on this that she would like to see an ideal world, but till then it is not possible as the country is divided by its constitution. On this Urfi Javed claimed to be Kangana Ranaut’s best friend and told her that she can’t hear anything now that she is against him.

Kangana praised Urfi

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Kangana Ranaut while praising Urfi Javed wrote that ‘In India there was a queen named Mahadevi Akka, who loved her husband Shiva in front of the court, she said that if she loved Shiva and not him, then she would have nothing to do with him. should not be taken He took off all his clothes and left the palace and never covered his body again.’

Kangana Ranaut writes about how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin. She says that the great Kannada writer Mahadevi Akka never wore clothes and we should not be ashamed of our bodies. Rest of my love to you

Urfi Javed Respects Kangana

At the same time, Urfi Javed tweeted that ‘our political reviews do not match but today I respect Kangana Ranaut a lot’.

Kangana Ranaut feels that some people don’t like her because of something she stands for politically. But she is a sensible and sensitive person and does not care about politics. Those who hate him are just trying to justify their anger by saying that they hate his political beliefs.

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