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Bomb cyclone in America people dying on roads; Woman’s body found in car after 18 hours, sister lost her brothe

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The death toll due to Bomb Cyclone in America has crossed 60. Most of the deaths have occurred in New York City than Buffalo. So far 28 people have lost their lives here. Bodies of people have also been found in vehicles buried in snow.

Bomb cyclone in America people dying on roadsty

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More than 8 feet of snow piled on houses and roads in Buffalo. 65 lakh people do not have electricity or water. Opportunistic people are also looting. This storm has engulfed 48 of the 50 states of America.

Big updates of Bomb Cyclone…

  • In the last 24 hours, 3 thousand flights were canceled in America, and 3809 flights were delayed.
  • 3 Indians Narayan Muddanna (49), Gokul Medisethi (47), and Haritha Muddanna were walking in the Wood Cannon Lake in Arizona, USA. Due to the breaking of the ice layer, they entered the lake and died. This incident is on 26 December.

3 Stories of being caught in a snowstorm…

1. In the Last video from the car, the dead body found after 18 hours

Bomb cyclone in America people dying on roadsdd

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Andell Taylor (23) was returning home from work in Buffalo. Then his car got stuck in a snowstorm. He made a video call to his family for the last time on Friday afternoon from his car. In this, his car was badly stuck in the snow. The icy winds were also clearly visible outside the window. She was telling her sister- I am very scared. Andel’s body was found in the same car 18 hours later.

2. Woman rescues old man, asks for help by live streaming

In Buffalo itself, a woman Shakira was taking stock of the storm outside the window. Then he saw a person. He was crying. Shakira told this to her male friend. He went across the street and brought 64-year-old Joe White into the house. Shakira melted the frozen ice on the old man’s hand with a dryer and took out his ring with a grass cutter. The old man’s body was constantly changing because of the snowstorm. Shakira live streamed the incident and asked for help. After this, with the help of some people, White was taken to the hospital. where his life was saved.

3. Caught in snow storm on birthday, family finds body


It was in Buffalo that William Clay got caught in a storm outside on his birthday. His sister Sophia asked people for help. William’s body was found after a long time. Sophia wrote- My brother lost his life in the blizzard of 2022 on the day of his birthday. Please help me so that I can perform the last rites of my brother.

Looting in Buffalo, police said – they are not going to rob medicine and food 100 military police officers have been deployed to handle traffic and other essential things in Buffalo. Additional state force has also been deployed. Taking advantage of the bad weather, some people have also started looting. Police Commissioner Joseph Gracmelia said that 8 people involved in looting have been arrested. These are not people who are stealing food or medicines. These people are looting things like television, and sofas.

Help to New York, Biden said – I am with those who lost their loved ones
US President Biden has announced emergency help to New York. Most of the deaths have happened here. Biden said, “I am with those who have lost loved ones in this blizzard.”

Bomb cyclone in America people dying on roadss

The storm in Buffalo is called the snowiest storm of the century. State Governor Cathy Hochul said that there would be a war-like situation here. I am horrified to see the cars parked on the side of the road. Officers are being sent to check each and every car. Bodies have also been found in some cars.

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