Bigg Boss 17: Is Ankita pregnant? Standing in the kitchen, he said something such that the family members immediately started paying attention to him.

Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande Pregnancy Rumors

Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande Pregnancy Rumors: Is Ankita Lokhande pregnant? It is not us who are saying this, but the members of the Bigg Boss house. Arun started taking care of them even before the news was confirmed.

Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande Pregnancy Rumors

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Ankita Lokhande is going to become a mother? No, no…her baby bump was not visible. In fact, he himself said something in the last episode of Bigg Boss that the house members started feeling like this. Jigna and Rinku got excited. Arun started taking care of them. Not only this, Ankita herself started feeling shy. However, she did not tell anything to her husband Vicky but she definitely got into thinking. Read what Ankita Lokhande said.

Ankita said something like this

Rinku and Jigna were sitting. Ankita was standing in the kitchen with Tehelka and Arun. Then Ankita said, ‘I am not feeling good. I feel like vomiting every evening. I feel like eating sour food. On this Rinku said, ‘What are you talking about?’ Ankita blushed and said, ‘No, no…it’s nothing like that. I feel like there is something else wrong. Rinku said, ‘There will be a real mess.’ Ankita replied, ‘Nothing like this has happened after coming to this house. Everything is closed here.

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Arun asked a question to Ankita

Rinku replied, ‘Your earlier deeds will be there.’ Tehelka started laughing. Ankita said, ‘Yes…I too feel the same.’ On this Arun asked Ankita, ‘Ankita ji, should I bring you a chair?’ Ankita said, ‘No…no Arun ji. Rinku ma’am, don’t think like that, man, I am scared. Rinku said, ‘Don’t worry. I will take full care of you. Until it is confirmed my prayer to God is that it turns out to be true. Look at us and how excited we are. How much fun it will be if this happens?

Had talked about Pregnancy before going to the Bigg Boss house


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Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Ankita had jokingly said in an interview to, ‘I am not pregnant. Don’t know who is spreading these rumors. But, yes, after Bigg Boss ends, I will make these rumors true.

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