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Bigg Boss 17: There was a fight between Samarth and Abhishek. Will the atmosphere at home spoil their relationship?

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Bigg Boss 17: There is going to be a dangerous entry in ‘Bigg Boss 17’. In the house till now the old relationship of Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya was making headlines. Now, problems are going to increase for both of them at home.

Isha Malviya DENIES Dating Samarth Jurel(Bigg Boss 17 WKV)


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With its latest wild card entry, it appears that the program has not taken the most interesting turn yet. As per the most recent teaser, Samarth Jurel – who is said to be Isha Malaviya’s “boyfriend” – will be joining the house as the new wildcard player. The arrival of Samarth will undoubtedly change the dynamics between Abhishek Kumar and Esha, thus viewers can expect a high-level drama in this one.

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Samarth’s arrival creates a ruckus, after all, who is right and who is wrong?


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Who is the new member of the bigg boss house?

Actually, a new entry is seen in a promo shown between Friday’s show. Whose name is Samarth, this new entry is none other than Isha Malviya’s boyfriend. On hearing Samarth’s name, Isha’s face starts flying. At the same time, Abhishek also seems to be under a lot of stress. Watch the promo…

Abhishek cried bitterly

Abhishek, who has been trying to get Isha back till now, is going to be heartbroken with this entry. He is seen crying bitterly in the lawn area. The remaining members of the house are seen taking care of Abhishek.

Isha breaks ties with Samarth?

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Samarth and Isha are seen fighting over whether they are dating or not. Isha says that she is not dating Samarth. Samarth gets very angry at this and lashes out at Isha that she is lying.

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