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Nishu Deshwal Accident: YouTuber Nishu Deshwal’s old stunts go viral following his death

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Nishu Deshwal Accident, a 22-year-old from Panipat district in Haryana, tragically lost his life on February 28 in a stunt involving a tractor. Known for his active presence on social media, his untimely demise shocked netizens when @tube.indian shared the heartbreaking news along with his earlier video content.

Nishu Deshwal

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Among the circulated videos was one showing Deshwal attempting to balance a tractor on two wheels, a daring feat that captured the attention of many.

Nishu Deshwal Accident

Responses poured in from users, expressing disbelief and mourning. One remarked, “The end of extreme is certain,” while another said, “RIP …. A MAN WITH EXTRAORDINARY SKILLS,” and a third offered, “REST IN POWER.”

The incident unfolded as Deshwal was filming near a riverbank with his friends, underscoring the unforeseen risks associated with his adventurous endeavors.

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Reports reveal that Deshwal leaves behind a wife and a six-month-old son. He was the younger of two siblings, hailing from a farming family.

Nishu Deshwal: Family

Nishu Deshwal was very close to his family members as he used to post photos and videos with his family on his Instagram and other social media sites. He loved his parents a lot and always tried to spend maximum time with his family.

He had two brothers and a son, who was born in 2023. He has also left a vent to his wife, Gagandeep’s life.

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Who was Nishu Deshwal?

Nishu Deshwal was born in 2000 in a village in Haryana, into a family of farmers. From a young age, he had a deep interest in tractors, learning to drive one by the age of 10. By 15, he was actively participating in tochan (tractor tug-of-war) competitions, quickly making a name for himself locally due to his talent and passion for the sport.

In 2018, he decided to share his passion with a wider audience by starting a YouTube channel called Tochan King. On this channel, he posted videos showcasing his tochan stunts and challenges, which resonated with a large audience, earning him a significant following.

Death due to Tractor Overturning(traiktar palatane ke kaaran huee maut)

Due to the excessive release of the clutch, the front part of the tractor lifted too much and overturned backward. Nishu Deshwal got buried due to the music system installed on the tractor. This was the reason for his death. The entire video of the accident(Nishu Deshwal Accident) went viral on social media. Neeshu was known as Tractor Tochan on social media. He has more than 20 lakh followers on YouTube and Instagram. He was married and had a six-month-old son.

Have many followers on YouTube and Instagram

When the friends who were making the video raised an alarm, people from nearby came and somehow straightened the tractor, but by then Neeshu had died. Neeshu Deshwal had created pages on YouTube and Instagram in the name of HR PB Tractor. There are 13 lakh followers on YouTube and about 7.25 lakh followers on Instagram.

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