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Who will Rahu make rich in the year 2023? Whose luck will open? Know which are the 3 zodiac signs?

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Rahu Gochar: In Vedic astrology, Rahu has been recognized as a shadow planet rather than as the main planet. Rahu and Ketu do not have any sign of their own, but Rahu has been said to give results like Saturn and Ketu like Mars. According to another important formula of astrology, if Mercury is strong in the horoscope, then Rahu does not give inauspicious results, whereas if Jupiter is strong, then the inauspicious results of Ketu appear less. In whatever zodiac sign Rahu Ketu resides, it gives results according to the owner of that zodiac sign. That’s why Rahu Ketu is called an elusive planet. It manifests its effect suddenly. Rahu and Ketu will change the zodiac on 30 October 2023. Rahu in Pisces and the same Ketu will work to brighten the fortunes of the three zodiac signs by entering Virgo. Let us understand which are those 3 zodiac signs.


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Libra – Rahu’s transit will be from the sixth house for the people of this zodiac. From this sense, the disease, debt, enemy, and job of the person is detected. Sitting in this house, Rahu’s vision will be on your tenth house, twelfth house, and second house. The transit of Rahu is no less than a boon in your life. At this time you will get good opportunities in the job. You will get a big job offer in the future. With the grace of Rahu, the people associated with politics will get tremendous success at this time. You can be given some big responsibility. Now your dream of going abroad can come true. It is better not to get involved in family disputes at this time.


Capricorn – Rahu’s transit will be from the third house for the people of this zodiac. With this feeling, the brother and sister, bravery, and courage of the native are considered. Rahu sitting in this house will keep an eye on your seventh, ninth, and eleventh house. Your courage will increase with this transit of Rahu, the same luck will be with you completely. An important change can be seen in the lives of people associated with media, writing, and mass communication. At this time, the journey done in connection with the work will prove beneficial. The business class can see good profits. At this time your friends will also prove to be your helpers, due to which your mind will be happy. Due to this transit of Rahu, the health of the spouse will have to be taken care of.


Taurus – Rahu’s transit is going to be a benefic place for the people of this zodiac. The transit of Rahu in the eleventh house is going to be auspicious and fruitful for you. Due to this transit, now you are going to get the support of your elder brother and friends. The people who were trying to set up their own businesses for a long time will now get help. Rahu’s vision will be on your third, fifth, and seventh house. Due to this transit, your courage is going to increase and you will be benefited from travel. At this time the medical class will get famous. The people working in the share market will earn good profits. At this time, you have to understand the feelings of your spouse. Take care that there is no estrangement or tension.

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