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Uttarakhand: Millionaire turns out to be a 10-year-old child living by begging on the streets, such a secret

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After the death of his mother from Corona, a ten-year-old child who was forced to spread his hand in front of everyone for two days’ bread turned out to be the owner of property worth crores. In fact, his grandfather had bequeathed half of his property to him before he died. The relatives were searching for him since the will was written.

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Mobin, a village youth, recognized him while roaming the streets of Kaliyar. Informed the family members, after which he took the child home with him on Thursday. The child has an ancestral house and five bighas of land in the village.

Imrana, who lives in Pandoli village of Saharanpur district of UP, went to her maternal home Yamuna Nagar in 2019 after being angry with her in-laws after the death of her husband Mohammad Naved. She had also taken her six-year-old son Shahzeb with her.

Corona snatched mother’s lap

Uttarakhand Millionaire turns out

Sural side tried to persuade her but she did not agree. Now Kaliyar has come with the child. The relatives searched a lot but could not find anything. When the Corona epidemic came, there was a lockdown. In this epidemic, the shadow of mother Imrana also rose from the head of innocent Shahzeb.

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Shahzeb was living an abandoned life

Since then Shahzeb was living an abandoned life in Kaliyar. Along with working at tea and other shops, he was also forced to beg on the road to make ends meet. The family of his youngest grandfather Shah Alam has now taken him to Saharanpur.

Got so Innocent

By uploading the photo of the innocent on WhatsApp groups and social sites, the relatives had announced a reward to the finder. Mobin Kaliyar, a distant relative had come. When he saw Shahzeb while roaming in the market, he matched his face with the viral photo. On being asked, Shahzeb correctly told the name of the village along with his mother’s name and then Mobin informed his family members.

Grandfather had hope… he would get grandson, had given half the property

Dada Mohammad Yakub was shocked by the first daughter-in-law leaving the house and then the son’s death. Yakub, who retired from a school in Himachal, died about two years ago. Of his two sons, Naveed has passed away, son’s name is Shahzeb. The family of the second son Javed lives in Saharanpur only. Grandfather had written in his will that whenever my grandson comes back, half of the property should be handed over to him.

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