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Tesla’s first electric truck: 3 times more powerful than diesel truck, will run 805 KM on full charge

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Tesla has started the delivery of its electric semi-truck. The company claims that this truck is 3 times more powerful than any diesel truck on the road. The truck can reach speeds of 0-60mph (97 km/hr) in 20 seconds. Its battery range is 500 miles (about 805 kilometers). Prices could start from $150,000 (roughly Rs. 1.21 crores).

First truck delivered to Pepsi

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Tesla launches heavy-duty electric truck

Company CEO Elon Musk delivered the first truck to soft-drink company Pepsi at an event held at the company’s Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. Pepsi ordered 100 trucks in December 2017, when the Tesla Semi was first revealed at an event. Other high-profile customers-in-waiting include Walmart and UPS. The truck was supposed to be delivered in 2019 but was delayed due to Corona.

Future of trucking

Tesla has described the Semi as the future of trucking. Musk said at the event, ‘You want to drive it. I mean, it looks like this thing came from the future. It’s like a beast. It is actually like driving a normal car, not like driving a truck.’

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Unique central seating has been given in this truck for better visibility. There’s a console on the right with cupholders and a wireless phone charger, along with a large screen on either side. Apart from this, the company claims that the all-electric architecture reduces both rollover risk and cabin intrusion in case of an accident.

Unique central seating has been given for better visibility in Tesla’s truck.
battery charge by braking

Traction control to prevent jackknifing (a large truck splitting in two and suddenly tilting dangerously to one side), regenerative braking to increase battery efficiency But the energy released is stored (i.e. it charges the battery) and there’s an automatic clutch for seamless highway driving.

500-mile trip with 36.74 tons of cargo

Tesla launches heavy-duty electric

Musk reported that one of the 8 semi-trucks had completed a 500-mile trip with 81,000 pounds (36.74 tons) of cargo. The trip took place from the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, to San Diego at the southern tip of the state. There was no need to recharge the battery during this journey.

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