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Nepal plane crash: Co-pilot Anju was about to be promoted after landing, lost her husband in a similar accident 16 years ago

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Nepal plane crash: So far 68 people have died in the plane crash in Nepal on Sunday morning. Yeti Airlines plane carrying 68 passengers and four crew members crashed near Pokhara airport before landing. The co-pilot of this aircraft was Anju Khativada. This was his last flight as a co-pilot. If she had managed to land the plane, she would have got a certificate of the main pilot and would have been promoted to the rank of captain.

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Nepal plane crash

Anju’s husband Deepak Pokharel also died in the air crash. He was also a co-pilot in Yeti Airlines plane 16 years ago. This incident happened on June 21, 2006. The aircraft was on its way to Jumla from Nepalganj via Surkhet. In this, 6 passengers and 4 crew members were killed.

Captain had 35 years of experience, had trained many pilots

Nepal plane crash 1

Our sources in Nepal told us that Anju was accompanied by the senior pilot and trainer Captain Kamal KC on the flight. Kamal KC had 35 years of experience in flying aircraft. He had given training to many pilots.

Nepal plane crash:

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  • At least 100 hours of flying experience are required
  • Kamal KC had 35 years of experience in flying aircraft
  • Sixty-eight people died after a plane crashed in the Pokhara region in Nepal today
  • spotted dead bodies and injured persons lying on the ground

To become a pilot, at least 100 hours of flying experience are required. While being a co-pilot, Anju got the plane to land at almost all the airports in Nepal. Captain Kamal KC made him sit on the main pilot’s seat while flying to Pokhara.

Eyewitnesses told – the plane was making strange sounds

Nepal plane crash 2

Three eyewitnesses of this accident have come forward. One of them claimed that the plane could have crashed on the settlement, but the pilot took it towards the mountains. Vikas Busyal was the first to reach the accident site. He told that ‘I was sitting in the sun outside the house in the morning. I saw a plane flying strangely. It was not very high above the ground. Then it swung sharply downwards, suddenly there was a loud noise and the plane hit the mountains.

He says- ‘At that time I did not even wear slippers, I ran barefoot towards the mountains. By the time I reached there, no one else had come. The first thing I saw there was a girl, she was badly burnt. I ran towards him. Dragged him away from near the fire. Meanwhile, some other people came. Despite my refusal, an elder poured water and mud on the girl. I knew it would make his wound worse. I pulled out 14-15 people in burnt condition, some of them were breathing.

Nepal plane crasha

According to Vikas, ‘By then police and army personnel had also arrived. They sent the burnt people to Gandaki Hospital, then I don’t know what happened to them. There were many people there, but no one came to rescue the injured.

The plane took a sudden turn and saw smoke before reaching the airport
Kishan Sunar, head of Nepal Chambers of Commerce Gandaki, is also among those who closely watched the accident. He told me that I was near the airport. I looked at the plane. I thought something was wrong. The normal sound was not coming from the plane. Then the plane turned towards the old airport.

More than 90% of the planes coming from Kathmandu to Pokhara come directly without diversion. It appeared as if the plane was trying to land in a different direction in a full turn. The aircraft took a reverse turn. I understood that the pilot did not have control over the plane, yet it was expected that he would somehow land safely.

Then I heard a loud noise. Saw smoke coming out even before the plane reached the airport. It seemed that the plane had crashed about 1.5 km from the airport. Seeing the plane falling, I was so shocked that I could not come down from the roof.

The plane hit the hill 10 seconds before landing

Nepal plane crashaf

A plane fell near the house, saw dead bodies were scattered everywhere on the mountain
Durgesh is also included in the eyewitnesses of the accident. He told me that I was at home on Sunday morning. Then I heard my neighbor Devra shouting. Devra was saying that the plane has fallen. I saw the ship hovering in the sky. The place where the plane fell is 5 minutes away from my house. When we reached there, people were extinguishing the fire by pouring water.

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We saw dead bodies scattered. The army, police, and fire brigade also came immediately and started evacuating people. The kind of accident it is, it doesn’t seem like anyone would have survived. The pilot of the plane seems to have saved the settlement and crash-lands the ship in the mountains. There is a township named Alkapur near the accident site. When the plane was about to crash, the pilot must have steered the plane to the other side to save the settlement. If the ship had crashed in the settlement, there would have been a lot of damage.

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The pilot was in touch with ATC till the last moment but did not tell that something was wrong.

Nepal plane crashq

Premnath Thakur, director general of Tribhuvan International Airport, said the pilot of Yeti Airlines plane that crashed in Pokhara was in touch with air traffic control till the last moment but did not tell the tower that things were not right. The plane was about to take off when it crashed. The reason for the accidents could not be ascertained.

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