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Chardham Yatra 2023: The mysterious waterfall present in Uttarakhand, every creature wants to come here once in life

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Chardham Yatra 2023: Vasudhara Falls: The journey from Mana to Vasudhara has started with the weather clearing up. The yatra was stopped by the police due to bad weather. There is a mysterious waterfall at a distance of eight km from Mana, the first village in India. According to the Skanda Purana about the waterfall, if even a splash of Vasudhara falls on a person’s body, then his sins are erased.

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Chardham Yatra 2023: Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara Falls
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It is known as Vasundhara in Puranas and religious texts. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 13500 feet above sea level and falls from a height of 400 feet. The sound created by the meeting of air and water at such a height fills the mind with excitement. Pilgrims coming to Badrinath Dham during the yatra visit Vasudhara(Chardham Yatra 2023).

The importance of Vasudhara waterfall is told in Skanda Purana

Vasudhara can be traveled from the opening of the doors of Badrinath Dham till it closes. According to Bhuvanchandra Uniyal, former Dharmadhikari of Shri Badrinath Dham, the importance of the Vasudhara waterfall has been told in Skanda Purana.

According to Skanda Purana, if even a splash of Vasudhara falls on a person’s body, then his sins are erased. Every living being desires to come here once in his life(Chardham Yatra 2023).

Chardham Yatra 2023 from Hyderabad

Char dham Yatra Opening Dates 2023

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It is believed that the Pandavas went to heaven along with Draupadi through this route. Sahdev had sacrificed his life in Vasundhara itself. Arjun had left his Gandiva bow here too. Here Ashta Vasu (i.e. Ayaj, Dhruva, Som, Dhar, Anil, Anal, Pratyush, and Prabhash) had done severe penance, hence the name of this waterfall was Vasudhara(Chardham Yatra 2023).

Char Dham Yatra 2023 Packages

Whenever Dev Yatra is organized in any village of the area, the deities, and the devotees arrive in this holy Vasudhara for a bath. Vehicle facility is available from Badrinath to Mana village.

These are Recognition

It is believed that Ashta Vasu did penance here, due to which the name of this waterfall was named Vasudhara. This waterfall is so high that you will not see the last peak of the mountain at once.

Arrived Like This

To reach here, you can avail of horse-mule and dandi-Kandi facilities from Mana village. There are no shops and hotels beyond Mana on the Vasudhara route. It is necessary for the passengers to go in the morning and return by noon. Do not Travel here during bad weather.

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