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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Elvish Yadav gets slapped! Abhishek Malhan called Avinash a brainless person, insulted him

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Bigg Boss OTT 2 is becoming an arena of the arena day by day. Last days there was a fight over ration here. Avinash Sachdev did not complete the task due to which he once again got into a fight with Abhishek Malhan. Abhishek’s anger reached the seventh sky after listening to Avinash’s words and he said a lot which heated up the atmosphere in the house.

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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Abhishek-Avinash get in a huge fight during task

Every day in ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, there is a debate between the contestants about one thing or the other. In the last episode, a fight was seen between Avinash Sachdev and Abhishek Malhan, that to ration. Actually, after winning the ticket to the finale, Abhishek Malhan has been made the captain. He is the last captain and first finalist of this season.

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Abhishek got angry with Avinash

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 35: Avinash Sachdev's fight with Abhishek Malhan, Aashika Bhatia

Everyone had to do a task to get a premium ration at home. Babika, Manisha, and Jiya complete the task, but when it comes to Avinash, he refuses. Even after repeated persuasions, Avinash does not do the task, due to which Abhishek gets into a fight with him. He calls Avinash brainless and many more.

Manisha’s attempt also failed

There is a talk between Avinash and Abhishek about the ration. Avinash says whether a ration has been imposed. Will eat normal food for 8 days, and will eat lentils and rice. Are you busy? Meanwhile, Manisha Rani also jumps in. She also scolds Avinash for the ration.

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After this, Abhishek, pointing to Manisha, says to Avinash, “She is younger than you in age, but has grown in intelligence.” Avinash’s anger rises on hearing this. Abhishek does not stop here. He says that Avinash is not only wrong but on top of that he is also showing arrogance. He calls Avinash a brainless person.

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Slap the Elvish


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Elvish also interjects in this battle. He tells Avinash that if you would have done the work, the ration would have come properly. Even after this, Avinash does not remain silent about ration. Meanwhile, he jokingly slaps Elvish on the cheeks. After listening to Avinash, Elvish says why are you wearing clothes too. Take them off too.

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