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Biden took top secret files to private home: 20 sets of 8-year-old files found

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20 sets of 8-year-old intelligence files have been found in US President Joe Biden’s Delaware home and Washington office. Now he is being pressurized to explain why he kept these files in his house instead of in the government office. The Justice Department of America has appointed a special counsel to investigate these files.

What’s in the files?

Biden took top secret files to private homea

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Biden has said that he does not know what is in these files. However, according to CNN and the New York Times, the first set of 10 files contained some intelligence related to Ukraine, Iran, and Britain. These files are from the time when Biden was the Vice President of America. CNN has even claimed that these files also include information about the death of Biden’s son Beau Biden in 2015.

When these files were found, they were labeled top secret. However, no one has much information on what is in the second set of documents. At the same time, Biden’s lawyer has said that these files contain some records of the Obama-Biden administration 8 years ago. The Washington Post has claimed that the first set of intelligence files was received on 2 November itself. Although this thing was not made public. The information about getting the intelligence file from Biden came out only after the CBS News disclosure.

Who has access to the files?


The bureaucracy there is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the US government. More than 5 thousand officers work in the executive branch alone. Along with the daily work, when the government changes, they also do the work of taking documents from the leaders leaving power. After which these documents are kept in the archive of the concerned department. According to BBC, in the case of Biden, it is not clear who handled these files found now when the power changed 7 years ago. From where the files have been found, a hint can definitely be found as to who had them last but nothing can be proved from them without the completion of the investigation.

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The exact location of the file

Biden took top secret files to private homeqw

According to the Washington Post, the first set of intelligence files may have been taken out of the government office when Biden was moving towards retirement from political life. Biden started building his private office in 2016 after the Republicans came to power. In 2018, Joe Biden opened the Pan Biden Center, a think tank, for the University of Pennsylvania. Biden has a private office in this think tank. Where the first set of intelligence files was also found. While the second set of intelligence files was found in the garage of Biden’s house in Delaware. Where he parks his luxury car Corvette. According to reports, the house where Biden stays for the holidays was also searched. But, nothing was found there.

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Can Biden be punished?

Biden took top secret files to private homeq

The US Criminal Code makes it a crime to unlawfully possess or wrongfully remove classified documents. According to the BBC, it is too early to say anything about the punishment in the case of files related to Biden. Before registering a case against anyone, the prosecutor has to prove that the accused had deliberately kept these files with him.


Even if this is proved, the Justice Department can prohibit filing any criminal case against Biden under the standing policy. According to BBC, this problem is big from the point of view of Biden’s politics, he is not afraid of criminal charges.

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