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Know which Whiskey Brands Vijay Mallya is the owner of which is included in India’s Top 10 Whiskey Brands !!!

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Brands Vijay Mallya: There is no doubt that Indians’ love for whiskey can never die down, no matter how expensive a bottle of whiskey or a good bottle of classy Scotch whisky, both are in equal demand in the market. On the other hand, if we talk about Whiskey Brands In India, then it is nothing less than a new gift for whiskey lovers.

There are many affordable alternatives to whiskey brands such as Royal Challengers, Officer’s Choice, Bagpiper, Original Choice, and Director’s Special. There are some brands which are slowly moving forward and leaving their mark. Imperial Blue(Brands Vijay Mallya), Blenders Pride, McDowell’s Signature etc. is one of the best brands of 2022.

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Top 10 Whisky Brands In India(Brands Vijay Mallya)

1. Dewars 18 


This whiskey is one of the oldest whiskey brands in India. Its 750 Ml bottle is available for Rs.8,500(Brands Vijay Mallya).

  • It won a gold medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirits Competition, a testimony to the fact that it has topped the list of Top 10 Whiskey Brands In India among the best whiskey brands.
  • It is one of the top-rated Whiskey Brands in India. Dewars has completed its prestigious 18 years.

2. Black Dog Reserve

Black Dog Reserve

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Black Dog Whiskey was created in 1883 by James McKinley. It was built to fulfill an order from Herbert Musgrave Phipson.

  • Black Dog is a famous Whiskey Brand made by United Spirits Limited. It is a subsidiary of DIAGEO PLC and is owned by Vijay Mallya(Brands Vijay Mallya).
  • According to International Wine & Spirits Research, Black Dog was the world’s fastest-growing Scotch whiskey in terms of sales in 2013.

3. Glenkinchie 12 Years Old

Glenkinchie 12 Years Old

The Glenkinchie is a distinctive lowland whiskey 12 years old, triple distilled and matured in American oak casks. This whiskey has been honored with some nice awards, including a double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016.

This 12-year-old whiskey is made from corn and distilled three times in oak casks. It has a mild, floral flavor and is very refreshing and creamy(Brands Vijay Mallya).

Glenfiddich price starts from Rs.6,780 for 750ml. This 12-year-old whiskey contains 43% alcohol and is one of the best-selling whiskeys in India which has joined the category of Whiskey Brands In India.

4. The Glenlivet 12 Years Old


  • The color of this 12-year-old single-malt Scotch whiskey is bright gold.
  • The color of this 12-year-old single-malt Scotch whiskey is bright gold.
  • 12 साल पुरानी इस सिंगल माल्ट स्कॉच व्हिस्की का रंग चमकीला सोना है।
  • This 12 year old single malt Scotch whiskey has a bright gold colour.
  • इस 12 साल पुराने सिंगल माल्ट स्कॉच व्हिस्की का चमकीला सुनहरा रंग है।

This whiskey is also prepared in India. You can also drink it to keep your health good and mood fresh(Brands Vijay Mallya).

It is the largest-selling Single Malt Whiskey in the United States, and no doubt it is one of the most famous whiskey brands in India that doesn’t affect your health, there are many whiskeys that can cause diseases like Cancer invites to Experts and WHO clearly say that Whiskey or alcohol is injurious to health. Due to this, you may also have the problem of Cardiac Arrest.

The Glenlivet claims to have been made for 12 years with soft notes of sweet summer fruits and fresh flowers. Now it is one of the best selling whiskeys not only in America but also in India.

5. Imperial Blue Whiskey

Imperial Blue Whiskey

Imperial Blue Whiskey is a unique blend of Scotch Malts and Indian Grains. This whiskey brand is made by the Pernod Ricard company. It is the third largest-selling whiskey in the world in the list of Top Whiskey Brand In India. Imperial Blue Whiskey has a very smooth taste due to which it is one of the most popular brands in India(Brands Vijay Mallya).

Imperial Blue is one of the most popular whiskeys not only in India but also in the world. In this, you get a 42.8% Alcohol mix(Brands Vijay Mallya), and people like its test a lot. Because of this it is also drunk on Daily Basis.

Its flavor is strong and pungent with a nutty and tobacco flavor. It can also be added to Coke, fruit juices, or cocktails.

6. McDowell’s Signature Whiskey

McDowell's Signature Whiskey

In November 2012, Akshay Kumar was signed as Signature’s brand ambassador for their 13-week “Success is Living in the Spotlight” campaign. Abhay Deol was the brand ambassador of Signature Premiere in 2012

The bottle of this iconic whiskey has always been easily recognizable by its octagonal shape. It contains 42.8% alcohol due to which you can see the symptoms of Anxiety attacks and Panic Attacks.

This brand is available in different variants of whisky, Premium, Diet Mate(Brands Vijay Mallya), Platinum, and McDowell No-1 Single Malt. McDowell’s Whiskey is exported from India.

7. Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder fulfills your carbohydrate requirement and it is also considered very good for your health. One glass has only 65 calories and no fat at all.

Monkey Shoulder is one of the best Whiskey Brands in India, this whiskey is served to guests at parties and dancing functions.

Whenever there is an occasion of happiness, this whiskey is definitely remembered. Its taste is very sharp-tart and its consistency is very smooth, due to which it is included in the list of Top Whiskey Brands In India(Brands Vijay Mallya).

8. Amrut Whiskey Fusion Single Malt

Amrut Whiskey Fusion Single Malt

This is India’s first Single Malt Whiskey which is one of the best whiskeys in the world in the Amrut Whiskey International market, hence it is included in the list of Top Whiskey Brands In India.

Every variety of it is well-liked. Its signature flavor is a blend of fruit, honey and a few spices, which has attracted countless fans all over the world.
This Indian whiskey is manufactured by Amrit Distilleries. Apart from India, this Amrut Whiskey is sold in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Singapore(Brands Vijay Mallya), etc.

9. Royal Stag Barrel Select Whiskey

Royal Stag Barrel Select Whiskey

Royal Stag always comes first in the Indian market, ahead of Amrut Whisky(Brands Vijay Mallya). In this whiskey, Scottish malt and Indian grain whiskey brands are blended together and malted for many years in handpicked oak barrels to produce a crisp whiskey.

It contains a 42.8% Alcohol mix which reduces the effect of intoxication, and it is included in Top Whiskey Brands In India. Whiskey is a good option for any celebration.
But too much Whiskey can harm your health. Complete the calcium deficiency in your health with these dairy products.

10. Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old Whiskey

Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old Whiskey

Chivas Regal 18 Whiskey is an exclusive, unique product created in 1997 by a skilled blender. Whiskey is made from a blend of different types of whiskey that have been aged for at least 18 years.

This classic single-malt whiskey is made with pineapple and has a creamy flavor. Its price is 15000 rupees in the Indian liquor market, in which you can easily get a bottle of 750 Ml.
If you want, you can also buy this top brand of whiskey online. Its test is very classic and 40% alcohol is found in it, which is much less than other whiskies(Brands Vijay Mallya).

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