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Taylor Swift’s obscene pictures create stir in US Parliament, demand raised for making law against Deepfake AI

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Taylor Swift Deepfake Photos Recently, deepfake photos of Hollywood singer Taylor Swift are going viral on social media. Deepfake photos of Taylor Swift have caused a stir in America. Politicians are demanding a law against deepfakes. The White House has also raised its voice against it. Leaders in the US Parliament and Congress have also demanded a law.

Taylor Swift Deepfake Photos Recently

Taylor Swift Deepfake Controversy

Taylor Swift Deepfake Controversy: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has as many advantages as it has disadvantages. After the trend of AI, the cases of deepfake are increasing rapidly day by day, victims of which are from Bollywood to Hollywood actresses.

Taylor Swift Deepfake Porn Ordeal Highlights Escalating

Although actresses have been victims of deepfake pictures and videos for years, but after Rashmika Mandanna, this issue has been highlighted. Rashmika took a stand for herself and also filed a police case against the accused. Now Hollywood singer Taylor Swift has also become its victim.

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Taylor Swift becomes victim of deepfake

‘Lover’ singer Taylor Swift becomes victim of deepfake. Recently, Taylor’s obscene pictures were posted on the social media platform X (Twitter), which went viral. Fans raised their voice in support of Taylor(Taylor Swift Deepfake Photos Recently) and demanded removal of her objectionable pictures. After this, X’s team took action and got all the obscene pictures of Taylor removed.

Politicians in support of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Deepfake Controversy

Even though Taylor Swift’s obscene pictures have been removed from social media, the controversy has not stopped yet. Discussion on Taylor’s deepfake photos has started not only on the internet but also in the US Parliament and Congress. American leaders are supporting Taylor and demanding a law against this technology.

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‘Law should be passed against deepfake technology’

According to ABC, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre has sought to pass a law against deepfake technology. “We are troubled by reports of the spread of those images. It is worrying,” Karin said(Taylor Swift Deepfake Photos Recently).

Taylor Swift Deepfake Controversy

The spokesperson further said that social media platforms should implement strict rules to avoid objectionable images and misinformation. US Representative Joe Morrell has called Taylor Swift’s obscene pictures going viral as horrifying.

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