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Sweet Mary Croatia’s Hasina became the winner of sex championship, money rained in reward

हमें फॉलो करें

Sweet Mary Croatia’s Hasina: In the same month, the sex championship was started from June 8, the winner of which was Sweet Mary of Croatia. The real name of Sweet, who lives in Croatia, is Marija Jadravec

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Sweet Mary Croatia's Hasina

Many controversies related to this sex championship are also being heard. A total of 16 contestants participated in the championship but in the middle of the competition, many contestants decided to withdraw from it, due to which Sweet Mary became the winner.
Sweet has got 8 lakh 60 thousand pounds(Sweet Mary Croatia’s Hasina).

Sweet Mary has received prize money of 8 lakh 60 thousand pounds for winning the sex championship. At the same time, the female participant participating in this championship was to be given 690 pounds every day while the men were to be given 345 pounds, for which there was a dispute.

Championship in dispute

Sweet Mary Croatia's Hasina said it best

It is being said about this six-week championship that it has flopped badly. The organizers have been alleged to have swindled several thousand pounds from the participants.

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Sweet Mary Croatia’s Hasina said it best

Sweet Mary Croatia's Hasina said it best

On the contrary, Sweet Mary says that the organizer of the sex championship, Dragan Bratic, gave everyone a great platform. She describes her experience as great and something she would like to repeat again.

Sex championship is being told flop

Sweet Mary said that when we were participating in this championship, we were told very well about each term and condition, how much each participant would be paid, and how much the winner would get. Although now there is a dispute on this.

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