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Sex Sport Championship: Sex has now become a game, the championship is being held from June 8, 16 strange rules have been made

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Sex Sport Championship: Sweden has recently announced giving sex the status of sport in its country. Regarding this, European Sex Championship is also being organized on June 8, in which participants from about 20 countries are going to participate.

Sex Sport Championship


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Participants will engage in rigorous six-hour sessions daily, with individual “matches” lasting between 45 and 60 minutes. Participating in a variety of categories such as oral sex, penetration, endurance, body massages, foreplay, and exploration of erogenous zones.

The European Sex Championship, presented by the Swedish Sex Federation will take place on June 8, this unique event comes after Sweden recognized sex as a sport

A panel and audience will determine the winners based on the most creative communication, the couple demonstrating the highest level of activity, and artistry in the Kamasutra.

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What are the rules of the championship?

There will be a total of 16 events in the European Sex Sport Championship. This will include Seduction, Oral Sex, Penetration, Massage, Appearance, and Most Active Couple things. And who will be the winner in each game will be decided by the votes of the judges and the audience. During this, 30 percent of the votes will be of the judges while 70 percent of the votes will be of the audience. The winner will be declared on the basis of the votes of both of them.

Embracing inclusivity, the European Intimacy Championship welcomes competitors of all genders and sexual orientations(Sex Sport Championship).

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