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HomeNewsBreaking News: Russia again carried out airstrikes on Ukraine with 70 missiles

Breaking News: Russia again carried out airstrikes on Ukraine with 70 missiles

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Breaking News: Russia again carried out airstrikes on Ukraine with 70 missiles. In many energy centers and important buildings have been destroyed. According to the information received from the office of President Zelensky, 3 people were killed when a residential building collapsed due to the missile attack in the Krivi Rih region. At the same time, one person died in shelling in Kherson.

Russia fired 70 missiles at Ukraine in one days

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All these airstrikes from the Russian side took place in the capital Kyiv and Kharkiv in the northeastern part of Ukraine. The Russian attacks have caused a complete power outage in the regions of Kharkiv and Sumy. Due to this entire Ukraine had to face a blackout. An official said that Ukraine’s power supply has been cut in half. Power will be supplied only to critical places such as hospitals, water supply facilities, and sewage treatment plants.

Zelensky called Russia a ‘priest of rockets’


President Zelensky gave a video message late at night to the people of Ukraine. In this, Zelensky called Russia a ‘priest of rockets’. He has sought help from NATO countries to improve Ukraine’s air defense system. Zelensky said that Russia now has enough missiles for air strikes.

Kyiv’s mayor appeals to people to hide in bunkers

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko urged people on Friday to stay in bunkers until Russia stopped airstrikes. On Thursday too, Russia attacked several areas of Ukraine with missiles and drones. 2 people had died in this.

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Ukraine’s army is also facing strongly


Russia is constantly trying to bring Ukraine to its knees by attacking it with missiles. But, Ukraine is also retaliating strongly to these airstrikes. On Wednesday, Ukraine destroyed 13 drones fired at the capital Kyiv. Ukrainian army general Oleksiy Reznikov has warned that Russia could increase the pace of attacks early next year. Along with this, he also told that Russia is preparing to deploy 2 lakh new soldiers.

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