Nia Sharma: ‘I am not motivated, I am charged..’ Nia Sharma’s new pictures gave a shock of 440 volts


Nia Sharma never misses a chance to entertain her fans. Recently, the actress has shared some of her new stunning pictures on social media. The caption that Nia wrote on these pictures is even more ruckus. The fans of the actress are very fond of her looks.

Social media sensation Nia Sharma is often in the news due to her pictures and videos. Although Nia specializes in winning the hearts of fans, but many times her beautiful acts also bring her on the target of trollers. Nia has recently shared some new pictures on her social media handle. In these pictures, the actress is seen posing tremendously in a white bralette. These pictures of Nia have increased the heartbeat of her fans.

Sharing these ruckus pictures on her Instagram handle, Nia Sharma wrote, ‘I am not motivated, I am charged. Then I will charge you too. But after that I will need my sleep. Everything else is underrated. (I wish I could explain openly, but I want to build my strength.) ‘ Fans have also reacted fiercely to these pictures. More than 1 lakh likes have come on these pictures in just 24 hours. While praising her, a user wrote, ‘You do not look less than a beautiful fairy.’

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