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Israel-Hamas war: Islamic State will suffer losses in the war between Israel and Hamas, know what is the impact

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Israel-Hamas War: It is not hidden from anyone that a fierce war is going on between Israel and Hamas. In this war, terrorist attacks by Hamas have caused loss of many people. But are telecom companies also being affected because of this? Today we are going to talk about this. Let us know about it in detail.

Israel-Hamas war

Israel Hamas War: Over 1,000 Killed In Deadliest Offensive Against Israel Since 1973

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As we know the Israel-Palestine war is affecting a lot of people. Many tech companies like Meta, But have you ever thought that the effect of this war is visible on the telecom companies also?

Yes, due to this war, telecom companies may face problems in expanding their 5G footprint. The cost of 5G network gear may increase as Israel’s war with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas escalates.

A new media report has emerged that according to telecom industry officials, bankers and analysts, the initial cost may increase by Rs 2,000-2,500 crore and the speed of roll-out of next-generation networks by India’s top telecom companies will also slow down due to this. Might be possible.

Israel-Hamas war: After bomb-missile, a new war has started, Indian hackers also entered the new battlefield of Israel-Hamas.

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The telecom industry will be affected

The report also suggests that this larger, longer-lasting conflict could initially cause the rupee to decline by about 3-4% against the US dollar.

Israel Hamas War: Over 1,000 Killed In Deadliest Offensive Against Israel Since 1973

Let us tell you that this may also increase the cost of repaying foreign loans of telecom companies. This will also impact the company’s earnings in the coming quarters.

There will be a loss due to an increase in the dollar price

As we know Rupee has not yet depreciated heavily against US Dollar due to the Israel-Hamas war but if it increases then there may be some volatility and a 3-4% fall in Rupee.

The US dollar, which will make 5G network gear imports costlier for telecom companies, Rohan Dhamija, head of Analysys Mason, told ET. This is because about two-thirds of the equipment used in domestic networks is still exported.

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