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IPL 2023 Schedule Released: First match between Gujarat and Chennai on 31 March; Final will be on 28th May

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IPL 2023 Schedule Released: The schedule for the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been released. The first match will be played on March 31 between defending champions Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. This match will be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The final match will be held on May 28.

There will be 18 double Headers(IPL 2023 Schedule Released)

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There will be a total of 18 doubleheaders in the tournament, that is, there will be 2 matches in a day for 18 times. During this, the first match will start at 3:30 pm and the second match will start at 7:30 pm. The first match between Gujarat and Chennai on March 31 will be followed by two doubleheaders on April 2 and one more.

On April 1, there will be the first match between Punjab-Kolkata and the second between Lucknow-Delhi. At the same time, on April 2, there will be the first match between Sunrisers-Rajasthan and the second between Bengaluru-Mumbai. On 8th April there will be a clash between the 2 most successful teams of the tournament Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings(IPL 2023 Schedule Released).

There will be 74 matches in 58 days

IPL 2023 Schedule Released

A total of 74 matches will be played between 10 teams in the 58-day tournament. A team will play 14 matches, 7 at home and 7 at the home of the opposition team. There will be 70 league-stage matches between 10 teams. After the league stage, the top-4 teams of the points table will qualify for the playoffs(IPL 2023 Schedule Released).

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Matches will be held in a home-away format after 3 years

In 2020, half the season of IPL had to be held in India and half in UAE due to Corona virus epidemic. The 2021 season was also played in UAE only. Last season’s 70 league matches were played in 4 stadiums built in Mumbai and Pune cities of Maharashtra. Then there were playoff matches in Kolkata and Ahmedabad(IPL 2023 Schedule Released).

This time, like the 2019 season, all the matches will be played in home and away format. That is, all the teams of the tournament will play 7 matches out of 14 in the league stage at their home and the remaining 7 matches at the home of the opposition team. Playoff matches will be played at neutral venues.

Gujarat titan’s previous champion

The teams of Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Supergiants were included for the first time in the 2022 season. The Gujarat team, captained by Hardik Pandya, reached the final. The team won the title by defeating Rajasthan Royals by 7 wickets in the final and became the second team to win the title in the debut season itself. Prior to that, in 2008, the Rajasthan team became the champion(IPL 2023 Schedule Released).

IPL 2023 live streaming

  1.  CSK vs KKR 25-Mar-23 7:30 PM
  2.  DC vs MI 26-Mar-23 3:30 PM
  3.  PBKS vs RCB 26-Mar-23 7:30 PM
  4.  GT vs LSG 27-Mar-23 7:30 PM
  5.  SRH vs RR 28-Mar-23 7:30 PM
  6.  RCB vs KKR 29-Mar-23 7:30 PM
  7.  LSG vs CSK 30-Mar-23 7:30 PM
  8.  KKR vs PBKS 31-Mar-23 7:30 PM
  9.  MI vs RR 01-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  10.  GT vs DC 01-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  11.  CSK vs PBKS 02-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  12.  SRH vs LSG 03-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  13.  RR vs RCB 04-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  14.  KKR vs MI 05-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  15.  LSG vs DC 06-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  16.  PBKS vs GT 07-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  17.  CSK vs SRH 08-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  18.  RCB vs MI 08-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  19.  KKR vs DC 09-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  20.  RR vs LSG 09-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  21.  SRH vs GT 10-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  22.  CSK vs RCB 11-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  23.  MI vs PBKS 12-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  24.  RR vs GT 13-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  25.  SRH vs KKR 14-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  26.  MI vs LSG 15-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  27.  DC vs RCB 15-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  28.  PBKS vs SRH 16-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  29.  GT vs CSK 16-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  30.  RR vs KKR 17-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  31.  LSG vs RCB 18-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  32.  DC vs PBKS 19-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  33.  MI vs CSK 20-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  34.  DC vs RR 21-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  35.  KKR vs GJ 22-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  36.  RCB vs SRH 22-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  37.  LSG vs MI 23-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  38.  PBKS vs CSK 24-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  39.  RCB vs RR 25-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  40.  GT vs SRH 26-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  41.  DC vs KKR 27-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  42.  PBKS vs LSG 28-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  43.  GT vs RCB 29-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  44.  RR vs MI 29-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  45.  DC vs LSG 30-Apr-23 3:30 PM
  46.  SRH vs CSK 30-Apr-23 7:30 PM
  47.  KKR vs RR 01-May-23 7:30 PM
  48.  GT vs PBKS 02-May-23 7:30 PM
  49.  RCB vs CSK 03-May-23 7:30 PM
  50.  DC vs SRH 04-May-23 7:30 PM
  51.  GT vs MI 05-May-23 7:30 PM
  52.  PBKS vs RR 06-May-23 3:30 PM
  53.  LSG vs KKR 06-May-23 3:30 PM
  54.  SRH vs RCB 07-May-23 3:30 PM
  55.  CSK vs DC 07-May-23 7:30:PM
  56.  MI vs KKR 08-May-23 7:30 PM
  57.  LSG vs GT 09-May-23 7:30
  58.  RR vs DC 10-May-23 7:30 PM
  59.  CSK vs MI 11-May-23 7:30 PM
  60.  RCB vs PBKS 12-May-23 7:30 PM
  61.  KKR vs SRH 13-May-23 7:30 PM
  62.  CSK vs GT 14-May-23 3:30 PM
  63.  LSG vs RR 14-May-23 7:30 PM
  64.  PBKS vs DC 15-May-23 7:30 PM
  65.  MI vs SRH 16-May-23 7:30 PM
  66.  KKR vs LSG 17-May-23 7:30 PM
  67.  RCB vs GT 18-May-23 7:30 PM
  68.  RR vs CSK 19-May-23 7:30 PM
  69.  MI vs DC 20-May-23 7:30 PM
  70.  SRH vs PBKS 21-May-23 7:30 PM
  71.  QUALIFIER 1 TBD 7:30 PM
  73.  QUALIFIER 2 TBD 7:30 PM
  74.  FINAL 28-May-23 7:30

Mumbai Indians are the most successful team in the tournament. The team has won 5 IPL titles. At the same time, Chennai Superkings is number two in this matter. Dhoni’s captaincy CSK has won 4 IPL titles. Kolkata has won 2 and Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Deccan Chargers (2009) have won the title once each(IPL 2023 Schedule Released).

IPL 2023 team list

As we are able to find the information, according to IPL 2023 team list I used to play 8 teams earlier but this time full 10 teams will play ie this time 2 more teams have joined, so here we will give you IPL 2023 team list We are providing the list about and here we also make it clear to you that a total of 74 matches will be played under IPL 2023. And a final match which will be played in India will conclude IPL 2023 Schedule Released.

  •  Gujarat Titans
  • Mumbai Indians
  •  Punjab Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Rajasthan Royal
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Lucknow Supergiants
  • Kolkata Knight Riders

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