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Facebook Instagram Down: Facebook and Instagram servers down, users’ accounts are being logged out automatically.

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Facebook Instagram Down: The social media platform Instagram is down for the last 20 minutes. Many tweets related to this have been made by the user on X account. It is said that the feed on Meta-owned Instagram is not loading nor is it able to do anything. Not much information has been revealed about why this is happening to users.

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Facebook Instagram Down Meta Down

Facebook, Instagram and Threads users faced a lot of trouble due to technical problems in Meta’s servers. Accounts of Meta users across the world including India started logging out automatically. After this, users were facing a lot of trouble in logging into their accounts. Its effect was not seen on Meta’s messaging service WhatsApp.

Facebook Instagram Down

Meta users have complained about server down on X account. It is said that the feed on Instagram, owned by Meta, is not loading nor is it able to do anything(Facebook Instagram Down). Not much information has been revealed about why this is happening to users.

Meta service closed worldwide

The worst outage for Meta, its entire family of apps including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads was down for millions of people across the world including India, with users having trouble viewing anything on Facebook and Instagram. Many users complained that their accounts were logging out on their own.

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Facebook Down:

Instagram and Facebook started working.

Facebook Down: Downdetector said that users on Facebook and Instagram started facing these problems after about 8.30 minutes Indian time. DownDetector reported that about 77 percent of app users faced problems. Whereas 21 percent web users have reported down.

Instagram Down

Instagram Down: Downdetector said about Instagram that 72 percent of the users of the app had to face this problem. And 20 percent of the users were having trouble logging in.

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Meta’s reaction

Meta has responded to the downing of Facebook and Instagram. A Meta spokesperson(Facebook Instagram Down) said that we know that people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on it right now.

Elon Musk takes aim

Elon Musk, owner of social media platform X, posted when Facebook and Instagram were down. He wrote that if you are able to see this post then it means that our server is working properly.

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